71 Million XRP Moved by Whales to FTX in Flurry of Exchange Transfers

Nov 08,2022
71 Million XRP Moved by Whales to FTX in Flurry of Exchange Transfers

According to the data information of the encrypted data tracker WhaleAlert, in recent hours, more than 71 million XRPs have been injected into the FTX exchange. This move was carried out in two times: the first time was 35774039 XRP, with the use value of USD 16631186; the second time was 35615409 XRP, with the price of USD 16557439; All three were transferred to the FTX Exchange with unknown wallets.

After Binance determined to settle its FTT shares and the differences closely surrounding Alameda's balance sheet, FTX Exchange is facing a series of transfers.

According to Nansen's data, 26,600 ETH was transferred from Alameda to FTX on the last day. Similarly, large-scale stable currencies in the wallets of Huabi, OKX, Kucoin and other exchanges also come in and out of FTX.

PeckShield, a network information security intelligence enterprise, reported that the previous day, Jump Trading obtained about $40.4 million from FTX. The accumulated use value of cryptocurrency is 109.8 million dollars, including 56432 ETH offensive and defensive alliance's stable currency of 13.9 million dollars, which was transferred from FTX to Nexo, a data encryption network loan platform.

Wu Blockchain reported that the net outflow of FTX's stable currency was the largest exchange in the past seven days, at $292 million.

Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, announced on Sunday that its cryptocurrency exchange had settled its FTT, the local property of a competitor exchange FTX.

Zhao mentioned "recent exposure", but he did not further discuss these matters in public, and did not respond to relevant questions.

Etherscan reported that 22999999 FTT (at that time, the use value was 584 million US dollars, basically accounting for 17% of the FTT in commodity circulation) was transferred from the wallet to the Binance Exchange on Saturday. CZ recognizes that the demolition assets are part of the FTT shares that the Exchange determines to sell.