Almost Half of Shiba Inu Supply Gone Now, 60 Trillion Left to Destroy

Dec 15,2022
Almost Half of Shiba Inu Supply Gone Now, 60 Trillion Left to Destroy

The supply of the largest meme coin in the market has decreased rapidly, and almost half of the products are gone. With the continuous decrease of supply, Shiba Inu should become more physically and mentally healthy in the market, because the available tokens are getting lower and lower.

Previously, it was reported that the burning rate of the largest meme coin in the market had been rising rapidly, breaking the record for several months. Such rapid improvement is a symptom of the resumption of network activities. If this kind of development trend persists, we are likely to see an increase in the burning speed, which will lead to 50% of the supply of SHIB falling behind.

Since Genesis, Shiba Inu's supply has been listed as one fifth, which obviously became a problem immediately after the bull market was completed. The huge sales volume has weakened the digital currency market, making it almost impossible for Shiba Inu to reverse and rebound. Because the traders are already ready to kill almost all attempts to leap over immediately.

With the substantial reduction of supply, recovery will eventually become very possible, especially if the price of SHIB will not change as the supply of Ether changes.

In the case of a sharp increase in demand, the reduction of Shib supply will have a positive effect on the market trend of tokens, and will become the natural expectation of a sharp rise in the future. Unfortunately, the ignition of many supplies is not a panacea for the continuous growth of the total value of property.

When studying the development potential of assets in the market, the basic influencing factors such as Internet applications, strong ecosystems and effective solutions are more relevant. Unfortunately, Shiba Inu lacks an important factor to describe its market performance at this stage.