Binance to Invest Millions Into Elon Musk's Twitter Deal

Oct 11,2022
Binance to Invest Millions Into Elon Musk's Twitter Deal

Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance, a crypto exchange with the largest trading volume in the worldStrictly implement to BloombergProject investment Elon Musk's Twitter recycling is one of the top priorities of the Exchange this year

Binans was previously selected as one of the investors of Tesla Motors and SpaceX's CEO, who made a bid of about $44 billion to privatize Twitter. Bloomberg noted that Binance also provided equity financing of up to 500 million dollars for Dragon's Blood (Musk)

In addition, Zhao is also known as CZ on the Internet. He added to Bloomberg that Binance hopes to invest more than $1 billion in corporate M&A projects this year. The enterprise has prepared another high-profile transaction, which should be a possible $200 million project investment of global Forbes, a media company

So far, Binance has invested 325 million dollars in 67 projects in 2022. This amount exceeds the 140 million US dollars invested by the enterprise for 73 projects in 2021

Musk's Twitter program excites crypto investors

CZ is not the only crypto tycoon who has expressed interest in adding Musk Twitter bidding. Sam Bankman Fried, CEO and founder of Crypto Exchange FTX, was recently revealed to have contacted Musk to participate in trading as an economist

Musk is bidding for Twitter, but he is now deeply involved in a dispute, which has been the subject of many guessing activities in the password market. One of the reasons is Musk's recent Twitter, which he said will considerPlus encrypted paymentSend to microblog website after payment

Similarly, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) also rose rapidly. After Musk released the information, dolphins also moved a lot of tokens on the chainResume purchase of Twitter program.