Bitcoin Futures Traders Are Mostly Whales Now, Says Top Analyst

Oct 26,2022
Bitcoin Futures Traders Are Mostly Whales Now, Says Top Analyst

Ki Young Ju, CryptoQuant Investment Analyst and CEOshareData shows that the BTC (BTC) futures market is now dominated by whale investors

Its analysis summarizes the average indicator discrimination of all exchanges on the total flow of derivatives trading. The index shows that the average amount of BTC deposits from other exchanges to derivatives exchanges is "also large". In fact, deposits on derivatives exchanges are at the highest level in five years

Zhu also stressed that the dominance of Whale in the derivatives market is very different from the market status quo in December 2021, when retail foreign exchange dealers sold market deposits with microfinance derivatives as the core of BTC futures market

BTC whales show unique personal behavior

Previous CEOWatch outWhales is the largest trading volume in the world, a cumulative spot trading BTC on the Binance Exchange. In the past six months, his large-scale shopping theme activity has boosted the BTC spot market volume of all exchanges by 20 times

Didn't find anything beforeAlthough BTC has lost more than 70% of its value, it still remains profitable. The physical line has been migrated to more than 47800 BTC, and the purchase temperature of Bitcoin has been controlled around the positive bottom point

The current transaction price of BTC is about 19000 US dollars, down 0.86% at the time of writing this article. According to popular BTC skeptic Peter Schiff, the price of BTC may be an indicator value, indicating that standard digital currency canLeading cadresThe next cross market price drop.