Cardano 2022 Recap: Here Are Blockchain’s Most Outstanding Achievements

Jan 03,2023
Cardano 2022 Recap: Here Are Blockchain’s Most Outstanding Achievements
  • Happy Vasil Day in Cardano.
  • "critical moment": Cardano now applies to Etherum Dapps
  • The Cardano ecosystem carries more than 1000 Dapp
  • Cardano rushes to the world's largest DAPP store
  • Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici popularize Cardano

2022 will be an ever-changing year for the Cardano ecosystem, with Vasil upgrading, the launch of Milkomeda C1 adapted to EVM and much more important. Summed up five things that Cardano accomplished in the year he just left office.

Happy Vasil Day in Cardano.

There are no words to describe how much everyone hopes.Vasil's hard forkIt was carefully prepared for the Cardano community. Finally, after months of preparatory work, the elite teams of IOG and Cardano worked around the clock, and the landmark update was released on September 9th. 9:44 UTC at night. Vasil launched Plutus 2.0, which is also the latest version of the expression language of Cardano's original intelligent contract book, which makes the intelligent contract book more efficient and cost-effective. After that, the Vasil upgrade is completed according to important login password trading centers such as Binance, Coinbase, Upbit,, etc., which adds application tools to the block chain.

"critical moment": Cardano now applies to Etherum Dapps

The next milestoneBecause of the introduction of the main chain Milkomeda C1 Magi Cardano, which is immediately connected to Cardano, the compatibility mode with the etheric Fong vm virtual machine (EVM) was completed in 2022. Milkomeda C1 allows customers to seamlessly splice mobile property between two block chains, which in turn allows them to operate the most popular Dapp based on etheric Fong above Cardano. This is also based on Milkomeda's innovative intelligent contract book technology. Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, said the launch of C1Layer-2 solutions was "a great trend" for Cardano.

The Cardano ecosystem carries more than 1000 Dapp

Another milestone that Cardano can be proud of this year is the total number of ships.DappsTo its intelligent contract book. According to a case clue shared by the IOG team in June, more than 1000 projects are being built on Cardano, and that number continues to rise. The key aspect of Cardano's concern is that NFT:40.2% 's contracts belong to the "NFT combination" type, while more than 4 per cent of agreements are NFT's industry. The top five active agreements also include community application and social platforms, Wechat development tools, mobile game platforms and virtual reality technology. This milestone puts Cardano on the ranking of Dapp smart contract books.

Cardano rushes to the world's largest DAPP store

Early SeptemberThe Cardano blockchain has received strong support from the Armenian service project Dapp radar detection. In the original text released, the world's largest DAPP store invited real estate developers who have developed and designed Cardano to submit his contract. Today, the top Cardano Dapp on Dappra includes industry-leading Cardano NFT sales market JPG Store, Cardano's decentralized exchange MuesliSwp and Miniswap. This event should not be as important and impressive as the Vasil upgrade, but it may be a small step for one blockchain and a very big leap for another, as it was the first time that Cardano applications were gradually introduced into large and medium-sized external location trackers.

Snoop Dogg and Champ Medici popularize Cardano

Last but not least, an important milestone in the Cardano ecosystem is the popularization of the world famous American rapper Snoop Dogg and his child Champ Medici.In AprilThe star family collaborated with NFT's new project Clay Nation to bring his music content to Cardano. In September, Champ releasedMini music albumFocus on Clay Mates, the most attractive new NFT project in Cardano and blockchain. In communication with Clay Nation, Rap artists and evenInvite the original creator of CardanoCliff Hoskinson will appear in his music video, which is a crazy idea, in fact, it is done. At the end of November, Hoskinson (or, more accurately, its clay) didShowed up in theIn a segment of a song called "Bron and Bronny" sung by Champ Medici and Snoop Dogg.