Cardano (ADA) Can Now Be Staked on Apple Devices via This Integration

Dec 29,2022
Cardano (ADA) Can Now Be Staked on Apple Devices via This Integration

Cardano's original dynamic password ADA has been able to place bets on Apple products using the iOS computer operating system. In particular, this independent innovation is achieved by the effectiveness of private equity fund wallets, which are used to store unmanaged "popular" wallets for landing password assets. At first, this effect could only be used in Trust Wallet on machines that are suitable for Android computer operating systems.

The minimum amount you can bet is 4 ADA. According to Cardano's international practice, at the end of each century, the token incentive of the bet will automatically bet again. More crucially, this feature allows you to find your own authenticator pool, and according to CExplrer data, Cardano currently has more than 2700 authenticator pools.

What is the reason for Cardano?

As an equity-confirmed blockchain technology, bets are of deterministic importance to Cardano, so the seamless splicing of bets from iPhone to ADA seems like a very proactive high-speed development-especially taking into account the fact that Trust Wallet millions of consumers are basic, and the wallet's head office Binance is one of ADA's largest betting service providers.

At this stage, the total number of Cardano tokens held in custody is 25.08 billion ADA, accounting for 72 per cent of the total supply of tokens. As a result, the total market value of Cardano tokens in the bet is $6.3 billion. Although the price of the ADA has fallen, the total number of new wallets and the total number of tokens in their bets are still rising on time.