"Crypto King” Barry Silbert Hits Back at Cameron Winklevoss

Jan 04,2023

Meher SilbertOn Wednesday, Winklevoss, founder and CEO of Digital currency Group, responded to a joint letter from Cameron Winklevoss referring to DCG's so-called $1.675 billion debt.

Silbert's tweet is dedicated to negating anyone who misses, ensuring that DCG never misses a loan interest payment, and immediately repaying every outstanding loan, with the next payment due in May 2023.

He mentioned that its company's efforts to clearly come up with a solution for Gemini revenue customers by December 29 has not been recognized.

Silbert's tweet was in response to Winklevoss's public release of the letter, which revealed the growing concerns of more than 340000 profitable customers who lent a total of $900 million to DCG.

Many of these people have invested their life savings and their children's school stock fund in projects, the letter said.

After Genesis, a branch of DCGHang it upAccording to the letter, after Silbert withdrew his troops in November, it was clear that what Silbert called a "deliberate postponement of countermeasures" had caused serious losses to those affected.Winklevoss.There's a lot of pressure. Although several offers have been received, Silbert has so far refused to work with revenue customers to find an acceptable solution.

Winklevoss felt that Silbert's actions were unacceptable and illogical because they had given him so many things. The Gemini founder tested his commitment to his actions and asked him to make a public commitment to solve the problems by January 8.