“Dr. Doom” Roubini Says Binance Is Same As FTX But Worse, Here’s Why

Nov 29,2022
“Dr. Doom” Roubini Says Binance Is Same As FTX But Worse, Here’s Why
  • That's why Binance is worse than FTX
  • Crypto is "the largest criminal robbery in history"

Nouriel Roubini, a well-known BTC commentator, indicated to his followers on Twitter that he believed that Binance Exchange was equivalent to FTX, but it was just "a lot worse and a lot darker".

Roubini is an economics professor at Stern School of Business, New York University, an American University, and the president of Roubini Macro Associates LLC. He was called "Dr. Doom" because he accurately predicted and analyzed the financial storm that occurred after the collapse of the foreign mortgage loan sales market in 2008-2009.

That's why Binance is worse than FTX

Roubini explained in his tweet that, in his opinion, Binance is the same as FTX, but it is darker and worse. He pointed out that FTX at least knew his company headquarters in the Bahamas.

However, "shadier CZ Binance" never revealed the position of Binance headquarters. Roubini also wrote that, in his opinion, BNB is as abnormal as FTT, so it is obviously a hidden venture investment. "Dr. Doomsday" said that BNB and FTT were "the same scam" and that 87% of wallets were hidden in one wallet, doubting who really controlled the data encryption capital.

This is also Roubini's reply to Concoda's related account tweet, which said that Binance uses the same auditor services as FTX, and claimed that Binance probably does not have all financial audits at all.

As mentioned above, Roubini can't believe the definition of reserve confirmation (PoR) proposed by CZ recently, which stipulates that the data encryption exchange makes the data encryption reserve fully transparent. The economist felt that this was another way to pretend that customers' money was trustworthy in the exchange wallet.

She wrote on Twitter that because such stock funds are on the balance sheet of the exchange in any case, if the service platform goes bankrupt, customers' money will be lost forever - just as FTX existed earlier this month.

Crypto is "the largest criminal robbery in history"

In an earlier tweet, Roubini generally criticized the cryptocurrency industry, saying that cryptocurrency is "corrupt gambling money", which has caused more than 100 million people around the world to lose money.

He went on to say that among the 19700 ICOs, a variety of cryptocurrencies have been launched. This kind of ICO was a scam at the beginning, or went bankrupt. He called cryptocurrencies "a big criminal robbery in human history".