Here Are Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch in December

Dec 03,2022
Here Are Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch in December

November is a domestic and foreign problem for the encryption market. In conclusion, the closing price of BTC in that month was negative 16.1% since the opening of new houses, and the financial market department of blockchain technology found a new life. Even so, the most profitable encryption property in November, together with the Trust Wallet Token (TWT) and GMX, is the OKB of the centralized token exchange OKX.

What's important now is December. What narrative will defeat the encryption market, and what assets should we care about?

What to pay attention to in December

The classic legend closely surrounding the collapse of Digital Currency Group and GBTC issues will remain crucial in the coming month. The aftermath of FTX's despair will still have a profound impact on the encryption market for a long time to come.

Next, two new projects have been launched. The long-awaited shares of Chainlink (LINK) will gradually grow on December 6. In the past two weeks, the price has already risen by 30%. The day before, in fact, on December 5, the auction of ApeCoin started immediately, which has increased the price of APE.

In addition, December 6 is Doggin's birthday. We may hope that not only DOGE, but also all "dog" coins will have exciting news and ups and downs.

The revitalization of DeFi should be continued, because even Andrea Aperne has gone home. Apart from TWT and GMX - by the way, they are about to expand to Polygon (MATIC) - dYdX and GNS, which deserves great attention. The former one is about to launch its own Internet and will get rid of Ether in the near future.