How do banks play with digital collections? Which banks have released digital collections?

Oct 18,2022
How do banks play with digital collections? Which banks have released digital collections?

How do banks play with digital collections? Which banks have released digital collections? In recent years, digital collections have become one of the most popular online keywords. Internet giants, artists, stars, etc. have entered the market, and the participation of banks has brought more innovation and vitality to digital collections. The free release of digital collections with cultural value and commemorative significance for marketing is the main business model of domestic commercial banks in the field of digital collections. So how do banks play with digital collections? Now let's get to know.

How do banks play with digital collections?

1. Use digital innovation technology to attract young customers

The "Ai virtual brand officer" anime image, digital collection release and other digital innovation modes are mainly aimed at attracting young customers, and realizing fission promotion by taking advantage of the life habits of young people in novelty hunting, novelty hunting and order drying.

For a long time, commercial banks have given young people the impression that they are conservative and fixed. They do not have advantages in Internet tools, young customer viscosity, risk exposure and other aspects. It is difficult to transform public domain traffic. If we start from digital collections, the cut is small, and the risk is controllable, so as to let the limited stock of young customers taste fresh, and then penetrate their circle of friends to attract new customers, it can be regarded as a means of obtaining, stabilizing and living customers with high growth.

2. Brand dream linkage to create scarce marketing strategy

In the mid year sprint, year-end marketing and other activities, many banks choose the form of gifts to attract customers, most of which are necessities such as firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea, or consumption of promotional coupons, payment of red packets, etc. The differentiation advantage is not obvious, and such promotional activities can not meet the sense of gain of young customers.

If the Bank jointly publishes digital collections with the IP preferred by the young customer group, and carefully designs the acquisition methods and playing methods, it will increase the click rate of the young customer group on the bank's official account / Applet / APP, and obtain the opportunity for customers to go online again.

In the field of fast moving consumer goods, Li Ning took the lead in entering the era of digital collection IP marketing, and reached cooperation with the famous digital collection Bored Ape Yacht Club (No. 4102) to create a series of products of "Bored Ape Yacht Club". Li Ning and Boring Ape also set up a theme flash shop offline in Sanlitun, Beijing. The game of FMCG retail may also be a new model of IP marketing that banks can learn from.

3. Create digital membership rights

No matter who it is, if only a digital collection is released, it may be just a seasonal taste. How to generate long-term value is the most worth thinking about.

At present, it may be a better direction to attach and stack corresponding rights and interests to digital collections (NFT develops into NFR, and the letter R represents Right rights and interests). For example, after the customer has received the digital collection A issued by the bank, the inter-bank transfer fee can be exempted for life; After receiving B, you can enjoy a lifetime 50% discount for XX restaurant, a special merchant of the bank; After receiving C, you can have dinner with the chairman/president of the bank. The bank can not only classify customers by their rights and interests, but also further insight into their real needs. Provide customers with more value-added services besides financial services such as deposit and loan, financial management, etc.

In the field of the meta universe that has yet to be explored, banks, as important participating institutions, need to further explore more attempts in addition to releasing digital collections with marketing as the core.

Bank of Nanjing

Recently, Bank of Nanjing released its first set of digital collections. Based on "Hello Duck", it has released several series of "Cyberpunk Duck". The IP image of "Hello Duck", which is based on Nanjing's characteristic "duck eating" culture and the network culture that young people like today, symbolizes a "cute duck" that can communicate with young people and deliver good welfare to customers. It is reported that Youhao Ya has provided credible proof of rights and interests from Tencent to Xinlian.

Everbright Bank

Coincidentally, Everbright Bank also launched a "small eggplant" digital collection in conjunction with xinhuanet. The series includes 32 digital collections of beautiful China, ecological diversity and low-carbon action. It became the first bank in the banking industry of Yunnan to issue digital collections. This small eggplant collection was hand-painted by the staff of the bank, and it took two months to produce with the support of Tencent blockchain technology and 3D modeling technology. The circulation this time was only 480. Users made an appointment through the digital collection brand "Yunqiong" under the official assistant of Yunnan Tourism "Youyunan", and the background randomly distributed the users who made the appointment successfully. This release is not only free, but also for users who have successfully received the "Wamao Eggplant", and also enjoy the full discount of Wamao series products of Jingsu random stores, an original brand in Yunnan.

Bank of Xi'an

In May, Bank of Xi'an issued 25000 customized digital collections for free on the 25th anniversary of its founding. The digital collections of Bank of Xi'an are stored in the Datang chain for copyright certification. The relevant content of the certificate has been synchronized with the credibility nodes on the Datang chain, and is only used for non-commercial purposes such as access, learning, research, appreciation, display and sharing. Prior to this, Bank of Xi'an had launched the digital collection of the avatar of "Nafu Tiger" and a series of meta universe "Tidy Play" to attract customers.

Bank of Beijing

Bank of Beijing (601169), based on the image of "Beijing", launched a digital collection of "Beijing Happy Little Beijing" near the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger; Ping An of China (601318) created 8 digital art collections based on two South China tiger cubs, each of which is limited to 2022 copies.

China Merchants Bank

At its 35th anniversary, China Merchants Bank customized and released more than 120000 small Zhaomiao digital collections to its internal employees. According to statistics, 72000 people have successfully received it; The family trust business of ICBC's private bank launched a digital collection of family enterprise Xinrong commemorative badges on June 24, which was issued by the Financial Technology Innovation Experience Center of ICBC. ICBC's seal chain provides technical support, with a limit of 5000 copies.

Other Banks

In fact, in the digital collection track, Baixin Bank entered the competition early. In December last year, Baixin Bank launched Aiya, the first virtual digital employee, and also released the industry's first digital asset management platform, "Baixin Bank Xiaojingxi" WeChat applet. In order to cater to the preferences of young people, it also launched a massive video membership benefit, using points to exchange members including Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, Mango TV and other mainstream video websites. What's more, users can flexibly choose to redeem daily card, weekly card and monthly card members according to their preferences and needs.

Subsequently, in January this year, WeBank launched the "Fuhu" digital collection of the Year of the Tiger, Bank of Beijing launched the "Beijing Xixiaojing" digital collection based on the image of "Xiaojing", and Shaanxi Branch of Agricultural Bank of China issued the ABC Xiaodou Q version of the urban hero series digital collection; In February, Bank of Ningbo Shanghai Branch launched "Xiaoning", a digital employee, and Bank of Xi'an launched a digital collection of "Nafuhu" avatars... Since then, banks have stepped into the arena, all of which is just the beginning.

In general, the above content introduces how banks play with digital collections, and banks such as Bank of Nanjing, Everbright Bank, Bank of Xi'an, China Merchants Bank Baixin Bank and Bank of Beijing have launched their own digital collections. However, at present, the digital collections launched by banks mainly focus on marketing promotion, with the purpose of attracting customers for banks. In recent years, with the immersion of Internet thinking, the degree of digitalization of banks has generally improved. In the special period of epidemic, the advantages of institutions with strong digital capabilities are further highlighted. Once customers buy digital collections, they will not easily cancel their accounts, which is a new channel for banks to obtain traffic.