Is Solana Becoming Cardano's Sidechain? Charles Hoskinson's Answer to Vote

Dec 13,2022
Is Solana Becoming Cardano's Sidechain? Charles Hoskinson's Answer to Vote

Leisure Cardano and Solana users are likely to be surprised when they see a seemingly rigorous poll launched by Solana community members. Users have voted to apply Solana to add Cardano as a side chain.

In the vote initiated by the secret user HyRisk, the user has voted to determine whether Solana should become Cardano's side chain. By the time of submission, nearly 80% of users felt that Solana should add Cardano instead of maintaining a separate franchise store.

Charles Hoskinson joined the vote and said that Solana's model should be pronounced, adding a competitor of Ether, who recently celebrated the release of bonds on the chain, as part of the good development trend of online Internet to encourage money making.

Is it really possible?

Obviously, the originators of Smart or the users of two forces are just joking. Solana is unlikely to become the side chain of Smart. The two networks are mainly applied with different systems and optimization algorithms.

Technically, the side chain is used to improve the scalability of the network, because its important purpose is to deal with events to relieve the line pressure on the main network. On the other hand, Solana has a wide range of effects and solutions, which are unlikely to become part of Cardano's solution.

At the beginning, the voting was just a joke, accompanied by the main headache of the Ether killer. After the collapse of FTX, continuous technical problems and the decline of NFT industry, Solana will no longer be called the second largest real competitor of digital currency on the network, which is why users gradually seek stronger ways to find suitable main uses for a slowly disappearing network.