Is blockchain and meta universe the future of wbe3? Why do you say that?

Dec 27,2022
Is blockchain and meta universe the future of wbe3? Why do you say that?

In the field of Web3, blockchain and meta universe are increasingly intertwined. In the past few years, blockchain technology, non forgeable tokens (NFT), cryptocurrencies and other cryptocurrencies have been hot topics. NFT is a digital asset allocated to the blockchain to verify and confirm its identity. The survey shows that 76% of respondents believe that digital assets such as cryptocurrency may be the main substitutes for fiat currency and replace them in the next decade.

Blockchain and metadata: regulatory framework

Since Facebook changed its brand to a metadata platform during the Connect 2021 conference last October, its interest in the meta universe has increased recently. Scattered land and other platforms, such as sandbox, Somnium Space, Somnium Space, have also seen an increase in public interest. The organization has also begun to develop standards and better use cases for the blockchain. Blockchain Association, XR Association and some governments have joined forces to work together to develop standards, ethics and frameworks for the use of blockchain.

Despite the uncertainty of cryptocurrencies over the past few months, it is expected that this will change the global immersive industry. Although Voyager, Celsius and FTX filed for bankruptcy due to fraud and market instability, the growth of digital network 3 assets will continue.

Since its establishment in October 2008, the number of blockchain applications has increased rapidly. Encryption is a distributed ledger that contains more and more records (data blocks) and is associated with encrypted data. Blockchain can be used to link real and digital assets to achieve seamless recording. The record may include such information as date, time of arrival, name, modification, transaction or any other information required to identify the item. The main advantages of this technology are its invariability and fraud resistance. This is due to its transparency, end-to-end encryption and peer-to-peer (P2P) network characteristics.

Blockchain technology can be used for a variety of applications, including sharing healthcare, logistics and financial data. It is mainly used for cryptocurrency, a decentralized digital currency that can be linked to the blockchain and traded online. Some of the largest cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BNB), Ethernet (ETH) and decentralized local token MANA.

Blockchain and Metauniverse

Metauniverse is the next computing stage that combines the Internet with space computing. It will allow users to interact with digital resources in a virtual environment. The meta universe will be continuous in real time and, according to consensus, interoperable, decentralized and interoperable.

Cryptocurrency can be used for currency interaction in the meta universe, including the purchase and sale of digital assets, non trading currencies and real goods, as well as other cross platform interoperable digital products. The future meta universe is decentralized, so no one or group can control this platform. Agreements, technologies, global standards and other instruments will ensure decentralization.

The universe will expand to physics using augmented and mixed reality technology (AR/MR), including smartphones, tablets, headphones and tablets. Blockchain will allow unlimited combinations of interchangeable physical and digital content. The following are some of the most promising future and current use cases of the meta universe blockchain:

Immutable in-game assets

Users can join the play to ear (P2E) game platform to obtain cryptocurrencies, NFTs or other digital assets for trading, purchasing, selling and purchasing. Coins can be converted into legal tender and vice versa. Players can also transfer digital assets to other platforms. This allows players to save custodial assets and allow them to be transferred to their own digital assets.

identity authentication

Many meta universe platforms also use blockchain technology to verify user information when accessing key infrastructure. Government organizations such as the Ministry of Health and Prevention of Dubai (MOHAP) and cities in South Korea and China have used NFTs and blockchains to track citizen records, access medical documents and provide security services.

For example, Interpol has used similar technologies to create learning metadata rules and training programs for its employees. Future generations will be able to access their digital footprint using blockchain data and interoperable avatars. This is crucial for creating a meta universe where real transactions can take place.

Yuanuniverse Real Estate

The popularity of virtual real estate in the immersive field has increased significantly. Blockchain is used by those who want to build and own key properties in the meta universe. Decentralized land, sandbox and other platforms promote this by providing virtual real estate in the meta universe. Decentralized autonomous organizations (Dao) are usually real estate speculators, and can also buy real estate. Individuals can hold some shares of Dao, which sponsors blockchain global real estate.

BRIKN and DAMAC Properties launched their blockchain power Dao to compete in the era of crypto property. Dancing Seahorse DAO provides its NFT holders with exclusive access to its nightclub franchise at all locations. This gives NFT a new use: community.

Creator Motivation

All creative personnel are using blockchain technology to buy and sell artworks. This will encourage all creative people to use the NFT platform to expand their product range. Many people are familiar with the Boring Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and other NFT groups. However, creatives from all over the world will now find a global market for their products. This may bring about the prosperity of creative content for collectors, educational companies and future game platforms.


Blockchain and encryption technologies can also resolve disputes about creative assets to combat fraud and plagiarism. This will require a meta cosmic legal industry as developed as Web3. Virtual reality is a collection of interrelated virtual reality. It aims to achieve immersive Internet traversal. Traditional peripherals such as keyboard and mouse will be replaced by VR earphones. Web browser will be replaced by virtual; It all depends on Web 3 technology.