Polygon cooperates with the billion dollar NFT project to accelerate the development of blockchain games and Web3!

Nov 28,2022
Polygon cooperates with the billion dollar NFT project to accelerate the development of blockchain games and Web3!

Polygon cooperates with the billion dollar NFT project to accelerate the development of blockchain games and Web3! The NFT market is now integrated into Ethereum's second layer protocol, Polygon, because its goal is to expand into the blockchain game ecosystem. Although Magic Eden only started operation last year, its image in the field of encryption has been rising.

The popular cross chain NFT market Magic Eden is now part of the Polygon ecosystem, because it hopes to expand the development of exciting blockchain games and brand onboarding to the Web3 space.

Polygons usher in the magic Eden

As it enters the Polygon ecosystem, the NFT market will use the Polygon network to go deep into blockchain games and NFT space. In addition, this expansion will provide the fast growing NFT platform with the ability to support a series of functions of Polygon, and serve its developers and creators.

This cooperation has enabled Magic Eden to establish a strategic partnership with other developers in the blockchain game industry. So far, NFT market has cooperated with Kakao Games, Boomland, Block Games and other companies to launch another exciting game project on Polygon Launchpad in December.

Polygon protocol is the location of some of the largest Web3 game projects in the industry, such as Ubisoft, Atari, Decentralized Place, Animoca Brands and Sandbox. In addition, Ethereum Layer 2 has cooperated with other non encryption related companies, such as social media giants Instagram, Disney, Stripe and Starbucks.

Yin Zhuoxun, co-founder of Magic Eden, pointed out that the integration with Polygon is an exciting stage in the history of NFT market. The driving force of Magic Eden is to realize a multi chain future, so as to promote the rising posture of the platform in the digital asset industry.

Through this integration, Magic Eden will further integrate other global brands and new users into its ecosystem and continue to promote Web3 games to fans. Polygon also has many other Web3 players as partners. Therefore, Magic Eden is proud to find himself one of them, as it strives to find more utilities for NFTs.

The Polygon network currently supports more than 37000 decentralized applications; According to information on its website, the company also handled nearly 1.8 billion transactions. In addition, the cooperation between Magic Eden and Polygon can pave the way for the NFT platform to take advantage of additional opportunities in the ecosystem to expand its coverage.

The rising posture of the magical Eden

Magic Eden was launched in September 2021 and achieved rapid growth in a relatively short period of time. On average, it has 10 million active users every month and more than 20000 NFT transactions every day. Despite the current market adjustment, the NFT market continues to maintain a stable market performance and consolidate its position as a fast rising NFT platform in the industry.

In June 2022, Magic Eden raised $130 million in a fund-raising event, pushing its market valuation to $1.6 billion. At the same time, the current net NFT trading volume of the platform is valued at more than 2.5 billion dollars. However, for most of this year, the NFT market has been in a bearish stage, because according to multiple chain data, since April, the total sales volume of NFT has continued to decline for several consecutive months.