SHIB Metaverse: Major New Upgrade Revealed

Oct 26,2022
SHIB Metaverse: Major New Upgrade Revealed
  • Show the concept art of the new core
  • SHIB is selected for two real estate service platforms

The elite team that has built SHIB Metaverse has revealed a new conceptual art for the future virtual SHIB themed space.

In addition, the adoption rate of SHIB continues to develop, bringing more new test cases to meme coins.

Show the concept art of the new core

According to a recent online article, the elite team of SHIB Metaverse released the conceptual art of a new meta universe center called Dunes. Metauniverse was established in collaboration with THERM FLOOR Data Visualization Personal Studio.

This is not the first conceptual art related to the already built meta universe. Before that, the conceptual art of WAGMI Temple, Grand Canyon and Rocket Pool was revealed.

The concept art of Dune Center (a piece of land in the meta universe, which is reserved for customers or will be opened completely for free when released) shows an area full of dunes and green states. They have a very contemporary appearance - basically beautiful skyscrapers - giving a sense of maintenance on the beach and a sense of staying in a shelter after overcoming obstacles.

According to this article, basically the concept of black and white sketch art "includes strong, tangible and strong development potential, especially in image art works."

In planning the concept of sand dune art, the founder has won design inspiration from a number of mirage pictures, green states, ancient Egyptian pyramids, Colorado's Great Sand Dune Park, the United Arab Emirates skyscraper, the Andes and other places, as well as its world-wide scenic spots.

The plastic arts concepts of temples, grand canyons and rocket launchers previously announced are very important to the future meta universe, just like sand dunes.

SHIB is selected for two real estate service platforms

Four days ago, on October 21, BitPay, the main data encryption payment website, announced that it had signed several new strategic partnerships to expand the application of digital currency.

Today, its partner list includes two large and medium-sized real estate companies Pacaso and Condos. Com - She began to accept the data encryption service project, especially the Mim token Shiba Inu.

In addition to SHIB, BitPay also allows enterprises to make payments using BTC, Ether, Bitcoin cash, DOGE, packaged BTC and other currencies.