The boring price trend of Bitcoin brings together XMR, TON, TWT and AXS!

Dec 13,2022
The boring price trend of Bitcoin brings together XMR, TON, TWT and AXS!

The price range of BTC is being tightened to prepare for potential range expansion. At the same time, XMR, TON, TWT and AXS maintain bullish momentum.

As all major stock indexes closed in red, the easing of the US stock market rally this week took a breather. Before the busy economic calendar next week, traders seem to have taken profits. The range fluctuation of Bitcoin indicates that traders in the Federal ReserveAvoid large bets before the decision to raise interest rates on December 14. However, this did not prevent the action of the selected counterfeit coins, which showed hope in the short term.belowLet's take a look at the chart of Bitcoin, select counterfeit coins and find out the key levels to pay attention to in the short term.


In the past few days, Bitcoin has been hoveringThe 20 day index moving average (EMA) is around $17031. The flat 20 day moving average and the relative strength index (RSI) close to 50 did not bring obvious advantages to bulls or bears.


BTC/USDT Daily Line Chart

The key level of upward focus isUS $17622. If the buyer pushes the price above this level, the BTC/USDT currency pair may start a stronger recovery and may bring it to the downtrend line. Short sellers are expected to actively defend this level.

If the price reverses from the downtrend line but does not fall belowUS $17622 indicates that the bulls are trying to turn this level into a support position. This may enhance the prospects of breaking through the downtrend line. The currency pair could then rebound to $21500.

The downside is that if prices fall below$16678, short positions may strengthen. The currency pair could then fall to US $15995.


BTC/USDT Four Hour Chart

The currency pair has been trading in the upward channel on the four hour chart. Short sellers keep the price at the lower part of the channel, indicating that they sell at high prices. Falling below the moving average may pull prices to the support line of the channel. If this level is not maintained, the currency pair may begin to fall toUS $16678.

If the price rises from the current level or the support line of the channel, it indicates that the bulls continue to bargain. Then the currency pair may try to rebound to the upper resistance levelUS $17622. If this level is exceeded, the currency pair may climb to the resistance line of the channel.



XMR/USDT Daily Line Chart

The XMR/USDT currency pair may rise to the wedge-shaped resistance line, and bulls may encounter strong selling from bears. If the price falls from the resistance line and falls below the moving average, it indicates that the currency pair may extend its stay in the wedge.

On the contrary, if the bulls push the price above the resistance line, it indicates that the short-term trend has changed. Then the currency pair may try to rebound to$174, which may become an obstacle. Breaking this level may indicate that the downtrend may be over.


XMR/USDT Four Hour Chart

The currency pair has been rising in the upward channel mode on the four hour chart. This shows that the short-term sentiment is still optimistic, and traders are hunting for bargains. The currency pair may continue to rise and touchResistance line around $156. If this level is expanded, the rebound may hit $162.

The first sign of weakness will be to break through and close below the moving average. Then the currency pair may fall to the support line of the channel. Falling below this channel may start to descend toUS $133.


The bulls areOn December 11, Toncoin (TON) was pushed above the resistance level of the symmetrical triangle, indicating that the uncertainty has been resolved, which is beneficial to buyers. Symmetrical triangles often act as continuation patterns, which increases the possibility of resuming the upward trend.


TON/USDT Daily Line Chart

If the buyer maintains the price above the triangle, thenThe TON/USDT currency pair may try to break through the upper resistance zone between US $2 and US $2.15. If they manage to do this, the currency pair may gain momentum and soar to the morphological target of US $2.87.

On the contrary, if the price fails to remain above the triangle, it indicates that short sellers continue to sell at high prices. fall drasticallyThe 50 day simple moving average (SMA) of $1.70 may trap the aggressive bulls and pull the currency pair to the support line of the triangle.


TON/USDT Four Hour Chart

The average line of the four hour chart inclines upward,RSI is in the overbought area, indicating that the bulls are commanding. The upside may encounter resistance near $2, but if the bulls maintain the price above that level, the upside may accelerate. If the price falls from the current level and falls below 50-SMA, the selling may accelerate and the currency pair may fall to US $1.70. This is an important level that needs to be closely watched, because falling below this level may indicate that the bears are back in power.


The Trust Wallet Token (TWT) continues to move northward, which indicates that traders are buying at a high level rather than making profits in a hurry. This increases the possibility of an upward trend extending.


TWT/USDT daily line chart

Bulls will try to push prices up to the upper resistance levelAbove $2.73. If they succeed, the TWT/USDT currency pair may rebound to the psychological level of $3, and short sellers may try to stop the upward trend.

If buyers break through this barrier, the upward trend may reachUS $3.51 configuration target.

The bears may have other plans because they will try to defend the upper resistance levelUS $2.73. They had to lower their prices below the 20 day moving average ($2.30) to gain the upper hand.


TWT/USDT 4-hour Chart

The four hour chart shows that bulls have been buying the moving average on bargain hunting. Although the moving average inclines upwardThe negative deviation of RSI indicates that the bullish momentum may be weakening. If the bulls push the price above US $2.73, this situation may change, as it may attract more buyers.

The moving average is the key support for downward focus. IfWith the collapse of 50-SMA support, some short-term traders may take profits, which may lower the currency pair to $2.25 and then to $2.

Dashi Coin/USDT


AXS/USDT Daily Line Chart

A small positive factor is that bulls do not allow prices to fall below the moving average. This indicates that buyers are trying to turn the moving average into a support level.

The moving average is at the edge of the bullish cross,RSI is in a positive area, indicating that the momentum may be turning in favor of bulls. If the price breaks through and remains above the downtrend line, it may rebound to $11.85. It is expected that this level will become a major obstacle to the upward trend.

If prices fall and fall below the moving average, the bullish view may become invalid in the short term.The AXS/USDT currency pair may subsequently decline to US $6.57.


AXS/USDT Four Hour Chart

The four hour chart shows that bears are vigorously defending the downtrend line, and bulls are buying at bargain prices to 50-SMA。 20-EMA tends to be flat, and RSI is close to 47, indicating the balance between supply and demand.

Breakthrough and closingAbove $8.70 may turn the advantage to the long side. The currency pair may then rebound to $9.28 and then to $10. Or, falling below $7.86 may indicate that short positions have returned to dominance. The currency pair could then slide to US $6.87.