There's Still Time for Bitcoin to Hit $100,000 This Year, DOGE Founder Says

Jan 01,2023
There's Still Time for Bitcoin to Hit $100,000 This Year, DOGE Founder Says
  • Marcus, Tauren, cryptography gambler.
  • Tim Draper still bet $250000 on Bitcoin

Billy Marcus, who co-founded Dogecoin with eBay Qianxi Palmer in 2013, commented on the price of bitcoin on Twitter. He points out that it can still achieve the overall goal of $100000, which is cherished in the long run. On Twitter, Marcus's pseudonym is "Shibetoshi Nakamoto".

But its tweets are ironic because she sets out what he thinks is the important driving force behind Bitcoin.

Marcus, Tauren, cryptography gambler.

Billy Marcus wrote on Twitter that Bitcoin still has a chance to reach $100000 in 2023. In the comment post, he added that towards the end of 2022, he had made it clear to him that Bitcoin was neither a dedicated tool for storing use value nor a tool for hedging inflation.

Based on what happened this year, Marcus thinks Bitcoin is usually "a speculative toy for gamblers and fraudsters". Obviously, that's why she posted this satirical tweet one day before the end of 2022.

At the time of writing, the flagship digital currency traded at $16570.

Tim Draper still bet $250000 on Bitcoin

Over the past three years, Tim Draper, a famous venture capitalist, has predicted that Bitcoin is expected to exceed $150000 by 2023. He explained that the bet was due to the speed with which BTC was selected internationally.

After that, he raised the stakes to $250000 per BTC. Recently, it has been reported that the investor is still persevering in his forecast analysis of $250000, but he expects such a large-scale price surge to occur in the coming year.