Vasil Is In The Air: IOHK Head Charles Hoskinson Explains The Future Cardano Roadmap, Says Vasil Upgrade Is On Track For This Week

Sept 20,2022
Vasil Is In The Air: IOHK Head Charles Hoskinson Explains The Future Cardano Roadmap, Says Vasil Upgrade Is On Track For This Week
  • Charles Hoskinson, Founder of Cardano, sees Sino US gold ADA
  • New video version update shared on YouTube, Hoskinson said Vasil Hard Fork will be released on September 22

After the highly anticipated combination of ether coins, it is now expected that before the release of Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade on September 22, the price of Cardano will also increase

Charles Hoskinson, the responsible person of IOHK and the founder of Cardano digital currency, shared the latest news according to YouTube. In an 8-minute video, Hoskinson shared the small details of how Vasil plans to update in the coming difficult work this weekend, and shared his views on the future Cardano road map

Cardano's Vasil Hard Fork is scheduled to go on sale on September 22

After the update of the new video version shared by the founder Youtube of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson mentioned the recent development of Vasil hard fork, and added that all system software is now ready to release the much anticipated collaboration next week.

It is worth noting that the Vasil Hard Fork update plan was released earlier than June, but it was delayed several times due to the need to fix important errors and upgrades. However, Hoskinson added that "there is no way back now", referring to the upgrade of Vassil. According to the founder of Cardano, the upgrade will be actively deployed on September 22

Hawkinson added: "We do not expect to have any problems, but there is no way back. No amount of detection or anything can save us, because the rocket is in mid air. It will either explode in the air or enter orbit, which is very obvious, it will enter orbit."

After the Ethereum update was launched on September 15, several data encryption enthusiasts were looking forward to the Cardano price increase caused by the upcoming Vasil hard fork deployment. Cardano, known as a potential competitor of Ethereum, is expected to raise the relatively high expected price threshold of $1, but it is probably too early to face the target value. As of the time of submission, all industry-leading digital currencies are forecasting and analyzing the bear market trend of the stock market. BTC and Ether are 18963.33 dollars and 1330.21 dollars respectively

However, Hoskinson seems to have a positive attitude towards the future Cardano road map, and adds that he expects to be especially beneficial to Cardano in the second half of the year at the level of new project development. He added that the collapse of large-scale Luna data encryption was particularly serious for data encryption enterprises, but he predicted that this field would be quickly repaired along with the trend of industry and Cardano to repair

"This year has been a very difficult year for all of us. We did not follow the form of our space program. The collapse of LUNA has resulted in a capital damage of 600 billion US dollars. 600 billion, not 1 million, according to the sales market and all kinds of life games that we must face, it is very tired and difficult to keep up with the pace of life games."

Then, he shared the latest news that Cardano had many new projects waiting in line in the next three to six months, and further added that the ADA route map in 2023 was particularly exciting

"The good news is that we are still here. From every significant indicator, Cardano is one of the most powerful digital currencies in this field. We continue to update, and we continue to have a great corporate vision. In this regard, their DApp (blockchain technology application software) community is also under continuous infrastructure construction. After Vasil, we will see a lot of things announced, which is very exciting."

Vasil's hard fork deployment is called one of the leading updates of Cardano, which is particularly important for ADA because it will introduce primitive transformation into its current blockchain technology. The upgrade is named after Vassil Dabov, a mathematician in Lithuania. It is hoped to improve the network capacity by deploying Cardano blockchain smart contract language for dApp developers to express the huge changes of Plutus, while reducing the delay time of block transmission

However, at the press conference, ADA showed no signs of recovery. In the past 24 hours, the transaction price was $0.4467, down 4%. The customer now expects that Vasil's hard fork deployment will cause a sudden surge in prices and raise the encryption algorithm to a higher level. However, it is probably too early to speculate on new indicators