Vitalik Buterin Names Most Exciting Things About Ethereum Ecosystem

Dec 06,2022
Vitalik Buterin Names Most Exciting Things About Ethereum Ecosystem

In the lengthyWeb articlesEarlier today, Vitalik Buterin, an Australian program ape, released the most exciting application software in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Buterin thinks that money is the "first and very important" use case of the popular blockchain technology. He said that the chain became more and more stable after the joint venture was updated in March. Buterin also announced that amplification technologies such as ZK roll up are currently being developed and designed at a more lightning speed.

Recent implosionInches xButerin said that because there is no trust in the centralized trading center, the trading center will encourage more people to carry out online trading.

Compared with traditional methods, it is much more convenient and fast to donate with cryptocurrency, which may make Ethereum more influential than price speculation in rich countries. However, Buterin recognizes that volatility is still an important obstacle for deposits and enterprises to choose cryptocurrencies.

The volatility of cryptocurrency promotes the rise of stable currency, and its value is linked to the traditional currency. Buterin said that all stable currencies with good operation, whether centralized cryptocurrencies or stable currencies encouraged by data encryption, will also generate "welfare" for many applications.

This oneEthereumAlthough this program ape is depressed about the current situation of the decentralized financial industry (DeFi), he thinks that it has become a "monster of excessive deferred income tax" and relies heavily on the "unsustainable" increase in agricultural and animal husbandry programs. He believes that decentralized stable currency is still an important use case of stable currency, and forecasting the market and generating property are also some top applications.

Buterin is also satisfied with the real identity ecosystem (authentication, basically authentication, etc.) and its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).