What are the characteristics of pyramid selling coins? What are the signs of pyramid selling coins running away?

Oct 24,2022
What are the characteristics of pyramid selling coins? What are the signs of pyramid selling coins running away?

Today, what I want to introduce to you is pyramid selling currency. What is pyramid selling currency? Pyramid selling currency refers to a new type of pyramid selling method with virtual currency jacket. In fact, pyramid selling is easy to identify, which is nothing more than to attract people and develop offline. However, when pyramid selling is wrapped in the cloak of blockchain, many people cannot understand it. The biggest feature of pyramid selling coins is to develop offline, including primary fund agent, secondary fund agent and fund agent. You can judge it as pyramid selling coins when you see these words. So, what are the characteristics of pyramid selling coins? What signs does it have before running? Next, let's have a look.

Characteristics of MLM

1. A high pitched slogan

All expeditions should be based on a single teacher, or they will not be right. Therefore, most of the MLM coins will have a slogan with lofty aspirations, passionate feelings and can hit the G spot of people all at once, such as "create an equally rich community together", "maintain the copyright of cultural works", "create a better community autonomy together", etc.

2. Overseas registered shell company

The project leader shall establish a leather bag company or exchange in China or overseas, and make coins independently (i.e. distribute flat Taiwan dollars) based on the category of blockchain applications. The currency does not contain any blockchain applications and has no circulation value.

3. Claiming to have cooperation with the state

For example, the project is a transnational project recognized at the the Belt and Road Conference, is under a ministry, and cooperates with an overseas official institution. In short, all kinds of bottomless touch porcelain. This way is very popular with the public. Because everyone likes the "national brand", adding the "national" character is very reliable. Whenever you encounter the word "country", you don't have to think about it. No doubt the liar!

4. Not included by mainstream market software

Use the mainstream virtual currency quotation software to search the currency you need to consult. Once you find that it is not included by these software, you should be alert. These platforms will allow the currency to be approved to a certain extent. This method can remove most of the pyramid selling coins. However, there will still be some pyramid selling coins included by it, because the market consultation platform itself is also centralized.

5. Exaggerate profits to attract investors

To declare 100% profit, we often use such attractive words as "only rising but not falling", "making money without losing", "making money easily", "realizing financial freedom" to publicize. Once we have completed the purpose of fraud, we will immediately carry out a harvest, such as cliff trading, the exchange unplugs the network, and finally shows the epic Mario, Eiffel Tower and other abnormal trading curves.

6. The packaging tactics are correct

Taobao has purchased the ghostwriting white paper service (currently off the shelf), and established a tall official website, which must be in English and in multiple languages. Product related information is mostly promoted in the WeChat community. There are many communities. Please help yourself to deceive customers by playing and singing and boasting, so as to achieve the effect of casting nets to catch fish.

7. Transaction data is not transparent

As we all know, a major feature of blockchain applications is decentralization. However, the code of MLM is not open source, and the centralized bookkeeping method is adopted, so the transaction data cannot be viewed and is not transparent. As long as you can't find the github logo on the official website, or ask the official website for the code submitted by the project on github, and he can't give it, it's basically determined that it's either a pyramid selling coin or a junk coin.

8. Self built platform for trading

Not according to the announcement of the smart contract of Ethereum, there is no formal trading platform for virtual currency, but through the self built platform. Self built websites are a common way. At the same time, there are also transactions based on WeChat platforms, mobile apps and other forms.

9. Daily rebate, weekly rebate and monthly rebate

Whether it is 1% or 1.5% of daily income, or 10% or 30% of monthly rebate. Maybe at first, but it is impossible to finish Chengdu continuously. In the end, they cheat their capital and run away.

10. Currency issued in all fields

Some pyramid selling coins claim that they are issued to meet the needs of international projects or charitable platforms and foundations. Pyramid selling coins are generally borrowed from the categories involving shopping malls, environmental protection, public welfare, games and other industries to cheat trust.

11. Head pulling method

The operation mode is generally "pay the entry fee", "attract people" and "form a hierarchical team for remuneration", so as to continuously absorb the membership fees to achieve the goal of making money. Pay attention to "static profit" and "dynamic profit", and "dynamic profit" is directly copied from pyramid selling.

12. Difficulty in cash withdrawal

At present, there will be a series of obstacles, the most common is that you must continue to "pull the head" to withdraw cash. In general, it is required that cash cannot be withdrawn for a period of time, high service fees must be deducted for withdrawal, and withdrawal cannot exceed a certain proportion of the total amount.

What are the signs of pyramid selling coins running away?

1. The team stops working

A project is about to die, which is first reflected in the project team. If a team stops working, you should be careful. The main performances may be as follows:

The public relations team is suspended: there are no new news or soft articles on the Internet; Negative news no longer responds to bleaching; Official account and microblog stop updating;

Technical team pauses: software and APP stop updating; Announce the intrusion by hackers;

Suspension of customer service team: customer service can not be contacted and the phone can not be connected;

Market value management team paused: trading volume and trading price were stagnant and had no fluctuation.

Suspension of the operation team: there are no more novices in the community, and the existing community has slowly dispersed; No more new community activities.

2. The big guy started to cut ties

If the previous big boss, assets and exchange side of a project start to get rid of the relationship with the project, saying that he has nothing to do with the project, or that he does not know, or that he has been accepted by the site, you should be careful.

It is very likely that this project is going to run away, and the big guys eat to wipe their mouths, so as to prevent burning themselves in the future. It will also be reflected that the main enterprise of the project starts to change the corporate, stock and other industrial and commercial information.

3. Praise new projects and actions

In order to harvest more leeks, some projects will constantly brag about their new projects and actions, so as to shift the focus of investors.

In fact, it can be reflected in the announcement of new currencies and projects; Announce that it will establish its own exchange; Will enter the market of a country; Will be invested by an institution; It will conduct strategic cooperation with a large enterprise.

4. Change the established system

Blockchain emphasizes consensus, and stable system is an important cornerstone to maintain consensus. If a project suddenly or frequently changes and clarifies the system, without consulting the community for advice, it is likely that it is carrying out the final struggle or final harvest with only one announcement.

In fact, it can be reflected in the change of lock in profit system; Suddenly increase the delivery volume; Frequent changes in shareholder dividends.

Speaking of this, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the characteristics of MLM and the signs of MLM before it runs away. In general, Xiao Bian reminds us that any kind of social behavior is like a shadow, and so is pyramid selling currency. Therefore, investors should first choose a formal trading platform when investing in digital currency, and do not have the idea of getting rich overnight. In nine cases out of ten, those introduced by friends who need to pull off the line to withdraw cash or share dividends are coin ring scams, and it is recommended to avoid them.