What is Lucky Block? How to purchase LBLOCK?

Nov 25,2022
What is Lucky Block? How to purchase LBLOCK?

With the release of the second LBLOCK currency based on Ethereum by the Coin Security Smart Chain (BSC) project, the Lucky Block lottery software based on blockchain has aroused the concern of digital currency investors. So, what exactly is Lucky Block? How to buy LBLOCK coins? Next, let's have a look.

What is Lucky Block?

Lucky Block is a platform for NFT competitions. Players can obtain LBLOCK currency rewards according to their NFT possession and participation.

Lucky Block was founded by Scott Ryder, CEO of the company and former sales manager of Investoo Group, a financial technology marketing business. Ryder is also the founder of DeFi Coins and CEO of Stack Moon Coin.

James Fennell, the COO of Lucky Block, is also the CEO of NFT Launch Pad and the former head of global marketing operations of Finixio, a digital media company.

Lucky Block will be released in January 2022. In February, developers announced that they would carry out software updates to levy a 12% tax on LBLOCK currency sales. The announcement said: "The tax is used to encourage long-term investment, block intra day trading and provide funds for lottery pools."

Lucky Block indicated that this was the first digital currency project with a market value of 1 billion dollars in the first three weeks.

Lucky Block Currency LBLOCK was initially listed on LBank Centralization Exchange and Pancake Swap (CAKE) Decentralization Exchange (DEX). The announcement said: "LBank cannot levy a Lucky Block tax of 12% on LBlock savings from Pancake swap. The currency holder on Pancake swap can transfer LBlock to LBank to prevent payment from imposing sales tax on Pancake swap. On the contrary, the centralized trading place will levy a 6% tax on all sales involving LBlock."

Lucky Block launched its first NFT collection Platinum Rollers Club in the NFT Launch Pad market in March.

In the initial 10000 currency sets, 2484 NFTs were sold, and each NFT will automatically enable the holders to participate and receive a certain percentage of the reward pool.

"We hope to provide our NFT and events with a real and tangible reward structure and specific utility. Let every holder have the opportunity to receive gifts and participate in rewards," said Lucky Block.

"Using NFT that can be purchased on launchpad. xyz of your partner NFT market, we will provide a certain percentage of rewards to the holders as long as they have NFT. When the NFT combination is sold out, we will conduct a random lottery and announce the winners of the NFT combination related competitions. This can be anything from PS5 to private islands!"

Lucky Block cryptocurrency provides power for the reward structure of the platform.

How to purchase LBLOCK?

Using an exchange like LBank, selecting LBLOCK is a simple process. Before we fully understand the full presentation, let's briefly introduce these processes.

Step 1

Investors should check LBank's online portal. Investors can create accounts by selecting the "Registration" tab. Investors will be asked to provide contact information and passwords on the next screen. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, investors should click "Registration" at the bottom.

Investors must browse the verification code sent to a specific email address to verify the account. After entering the verification code, the investor's account registration is completed. Investors, if they do not jump there, should choose "login" and provide their information.

Step 2

In order to buy and sell LBLOCK with their USDT, investors must first have a USDT. Investors can use a variety of payment methods, including bank transfer, credit card, Google Pay and Transak. Investors must enter the number of USDTs they want to purchase on the main page. To clarify, 1 USD T equals 1 USD.

Investors can enter the required USDT value and click the "Buy Now" button (P2P) to select credit card/savings card or P2P trading. If investors choose the card option, they will be prompted to enter the loan currency they choose, the amount they want to spend and their preferred payment method. In order to complete the transaction, the investor must use the "Order" button.

Step 3

After the order is placed, the account must have the required quantity USDT. The next step is to search for LBLOCK in the market. In order to enter the market, investors must first select the purchase and sale menu item, and then click the spot button. To search for LBLOCK in the input box of the exchange, please enter "LBLOCK". Just select the flag when it appears.

Step 4

The last step is to purchase LBLOCK. The number of tokens investors want to obtain should be entered in the LBLOCK field. Investors must click "Buy LBLOCK" at the bottom of the page to confirm the purchase and sale.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of what Lucky Block is and how to purchase LBLOCK. In general, the editor here also reminds investors that after all, investment is accompanied by certain risks. No matter whether you invest in the Lucky Block project or not, you must understand clearly before entering the site, do a good job of risk analysis, and do not invest blindly.