What is the difference between Ethercoin and Bitcoin? Is Ether Worth Investing?

Dec 15,2022
What is the difference between Ethercoin and Bitcoin? Is Ether Worth Investing?

Earlier, Xiao Bian has already introduced what is Ether, and Ether is too high.

Fortunately, the Ethereum team also realized the existing problems and began to purposefully propose expansion solutions, and plans to upgrade to Ethereum 2.0. At present, the Defi projects of Ethereum, Perpetual and Synthetix (part), have solved the problem of high Gasfee using L2.

In the future, we can also expect Ethereum 2.0 to integrate on more projects to deal with the problems of network congestion and high level of Gasfee. Think of Ethereum as the eldest brother of the programmable blockchain. It is true that Ethereum is not a bit lazy, and it continues to improve its own system, and has no intention of giving competitors a chance to catch up.

3. The date of Ethereum EIP-1559 improvement plan is finalized

The implementation date of Ethereum EIP-1559 improvement plan has been finalized. Will this upgrade bring a wave of market for Ethereum? Remember, this improvement plan will..

He divided the Gasfee originally given to the miners into basic fee and miner's fee, which would burn up the basic fee, which would reduce the circulating ether currency in the market.

According to the supply and demand of the market, the supply of ether coins will decrease, and the price will rise. It seems that this is a good time to hoard ether coins!

4. The advent of the era of "PoS mining" in Ethereum

The upgrading of Ethereum 2.0 represents that Ethereum has made a leap from having to complete the consensus mechanism upgrading, that is, from POW to POS.

This upgrade has affected the traditional mining method. Previously, the power of accounting was strongly depended on the computing power of the mining machine graphics card. After upgrading to the POS system, the miners must pledge 32 ether coins to become an authentication node. Later, the system will randomly select a miner on the node to do accounting.

These pledged ether coins cannot be circulated in the market, which will also reduce the amount of ether coins in the market. Binggo~must be good news.

5. Development of Decentralized Finance Defi Project

Decentralized financial Defi is currently the largest block chain in use, and Ethereum is the block chain that bears most of the Defi projects, such as Uniswap, MakerDAO, AAVE and Compound. The success and failure of these projects will be closely linked with the Ether. At present, these projects are very successful and have a particularly good prospect.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of the difference between Ether and Bitcoin, and the value of Ether is not worth investing. In general, there are too many excellent developers and project supports behind Ethereum, and so many successful people have been working silently behind it. How can Ethereum not rise? Ethereum still has investment value, especially with the upgrading of Ethereum 2.0, which gives Ethereum plenty of imagination. However, I still remind all investors that investment is risky and you should be cautious when entering the site.