What is the difference between NFT art and traditional art? Where is the difference?

Dec 15,2022
What is the difference between NFT art and traditional art? Where is the difference?

When comparing NFT art with traditional works of art, the first thing that comes to mind is that conventional works of art are generally aesthetically pleasing, while NFT works of art are less aesthetically pleasing. This is not the only difference between physical art and NFT art, because the main difference is technical. NFT art cannot be copied. The rarer the NFT, the more valuable it is. This article compares the differences between NFT art and traditional art.

1、 NFT Art vs Traditional Art

Traditional art refers to contemporary art, but represents culture and belief, using painting, oil painting and sculpture. In addition, conventional art is a means to express human emotions, based on the beauty of balancing external reality and internal conscience driven by emotions. On the other hand, NFT art ecosystem is beneficial to digital artists themselves. It simplifies the process of creating digital assets, increases transparency, and facilitates the sale of NFT artworks in the market.

NFT art breaks the barriers in the traditional art market, improves the liquidity of art transactions, and also enables artists to benefit from innovative blockchain technology. These digital assets have existed since 2014, but will not become prominent until 2021. Later, we saw the rise of NFT art in the form of music, images, painting, etc. Now, this once new technology has become very popular with many investors and creators. In 2021, the NFT trading volume will exceed 23 billion US dollars, with an annual growth of more than 38000%.

NFT art is a digital art that can only be operated on the blockchain. It is also unique, real and verifiable. By eliminating the friction in the traditional art market and bridging the gap caused by the existence of different currencies, the relationship between art and currency was redefined. Interestingly, NFT art is far more inclusive of newcomers than traditional art. NFT artists can easily establish contact with buyers, while traditional art has market barriers.

Traditional art is a physical form of art. For traditional art, you need insiders and large auction/exhibition companies to sell your art. NFT artists don't need all of this. Because NFT represents an irreplaceable token, token refers to cryptocurrency, or digital assets running on the cryptocurrency blockchain like NFT art.

14 main differences between NFT and traditional art

1. NFT art is entirely a digital item, which can only exist in digital form in digital wallets and specific blockchains, while traditional art is just an NFT art, which only exists in physical form.

2. Traditional art is different from NFT art or encryption art. It exists in the physical structure. On the other hand, NFT artworks do not need to be stored in a physical location.

3. NFT art is irreplaceable and non transferable. Traditional art is an alternative symbol; Therefore, they can be copied or replaced.

4. It is easier to verify the ownership and authenticity of NFT art. In contrast, traditional art uses physical certificates that are usually signed by artists. However, like all certificates, it may be forged, and the high cost of identifying a traditional artwork is prohibitive.

5. It is much easier to contact NFT art than traditional art. For example, for traditional art, you need to buy art at an auction. NFT art is much easier to buy and sell any artwork. Because all you need is a connected computer.

6. Unlike NFT art, traditional art is more difficult to create on a large scale.

7. Traditional art can only be in one place at a time, while NFT art is digital, and anyone can create art at home.

8. Selling NFT art is also easier than selling traditional art.

9. The entry threshold of traditional art is very high, which restricts its circulation. However, NFT art has no entry threshold, because everyone can become an NFT artist.

10. Most NFT artworks are ugly compared with traditional artworks that usually have aesthetic feeling.

11. The value of NFT art is based on rarity, unlike traditional art, which is based on internal relations, artist popularity and auction houses.

12. NFT art combines the use of the Internet. Without the Internet, you cannot create, while traditional art does not need the Internet.

13. NFT is a symbol of status. This means they are bought to gain status.

14. NFT artworks are stored in the blockchain, while traditional artworks are stored indoors.


The above content analyzes the difference between traditional art and NFT art. For traditional art, it is a challenging process for top collectors to notice your art. Unlike traditional art, NFT is easier to stand on the same platform with top artists. In general, the NFT market is amazing. It provides artists with more opportunities to monetize their work and control the promotion of their art, rather than traditional art.