What is the pirate chain (ARRR coin)? What is the prospect of ARRR coins?

Dec 27,2022
What is the pirate chain (ARRR coin)? What is the prospect of ARRR coins?

Today, I would like to introduce ARRR coins to you, which may be unfamiliar to some novice investors. So, let's follow me to see what ARRR coins are and what their prospects are.

What is the pirate chain (ARRR coin)?

Pirate Chain (ARRR currency), a Chinese name of strong pirate chain, is a cryptocurrency sent with 100% privacy. It uses a privacy protocol that prevents user activity from being disclosed. Most privacy coins have more or less privacy loopholes. The bandit chain uses ZK Snarks to shield 100% of the point-to-point transactions on the blockchain, so as to achieve high anonymity and privacy transactions. Bandit chain is the main property chain of zero currency system and Komodo ecology. The bandit chain achieves the goal of improving the privacy and security functions of Monroe coins and dealing with the exchange problems of large and small coins by virtue of the protection trade of Xiaomiao and the off hook reward and fair trade of miners.

Komodo is based on the bifurcation of large zero coins, which plays the role of secret name of large zero coins. ARRR inherits Komodo's characteristics, such as Barter DEX compatibility, zero knowledge privacy, delayed workload proof, etc. There are also many customized specifications, such as customized money supply and customized remote procedure call port.

ARRR takes security and rapid delivery value into consideration, and chooses the security mechanism that is difficult to crack than Bitcoin, namely, Komodo's unique delayed workload proof system (dPOW) to ensure privacy and security, and avoid double flowers and 51% attacks. If you want to launch a 51% attack on pirate coins, you must first successfully launch a 51% attack against special coins. In addition, for both parties, the service fee is very cheap. There are no fraudulent transaction disputes, and the wrong capital verification cycle. The transaction can be determined safely within a few minutes. This function alone can save billions of dollars in cross-border service fees for buyers and sellers around the world.

The bandit chain solves the exchange problem, and the privacy agreement different from most cryptocurrencies is just irrelevant. The bandit chain applies perfect privacy protocols to provide better maintenance for customers. Inherit the blood line of big zero coins, and the bandit chain also uses zero knowledge proof zk SNARKSs. Ensure that no third party is involved at any time, and that secret name transactions are checked with "no trust" on the blockchain. It also ensures that no transaction materials of users will be disclosed in the public accounts.

What is the prospect of ARRR coins?

Pirate (ARRR) is a property chain (separate blockchain) in the Komodo ecosystem, which is based on Zcash technology, but has different functions. This function is determined by the parameters set in the Komodo property chain.

The reason why PIRATE is unusual is that it is the only blockchain that uses zk SNARKS technology to forcibly block transactions. zk SNARKS is the best privacy technology at present and is protected by BTC calculation rate. Pirate is found in a transparent address, but it can only enter a masked address from there [8]. The result of this role is to shield at least 99.99% of ARRR, thereby greatly increasing the privacy of asset sending using the blockchain. In addition, Pirate is applicable to the location (IP address) of TOR confusion.

Pirate uses Bitcoin's computing power to avoid most hash attacks (reorganization). The hashing power of Bitcoin network is extremely high and may not be exceeded at any time in the foreseeable future. Delayed Workload Proof (dPoW) uses the strong role of Bitcoin network to protect its blockchain from 51% attacks. The backup of the KMD blockchain can be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain for maintenance. DPoW has been successfully implemented in Komodo, GameCredits, Einstein, Pungo, HUSH and PIRATE.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of what the pirate chain is and what its prospects are. In general, the editor here also reminds all investors that no matter whether they want to invest in ARRR coins or not, after all, investment is accompanied by certain risks. You must have a comprehensive understanding before entering the site, and do not invest blindly.