Which is better, buying coins or mining? How to choose?

Nov 12,2022
Which is better, buying coins or mining? How to choose?

I believe that the seasoned players in the currency circle are very familiar with Bitcoin. They all want to make money through Bitcoin, and we also know that there are two ways to obtain Bitcoin: one is to trade in the exchange to obtain Bitcoin, and the other is to obtain Bitcoin through mining. The two methods have their own advantages, so recently some novice investors have asked whether it is better to buy coins or obtain bitcoin through mining? Then, let's follow Xiao Bian.

1、 Advantages and disadvantages of buying coins

Apart from the troublesome mining steps, in order to obtain Bitcoin, international virtual currency transactions should be targeted at BTC398C0M. The simplest and fastest way is undoubtedly to buy directly. You can choose from others. As long as the price is negotiated, you can pay and deliver.

You can also choose from the trading platform according to the market currency price at that time. Remember to choose a reliable and stable platform.

How to make profits?

Although it is simple to buy coins, it is difficult to ensure the "profitability". In a market where the currency price fluctuates continuously, you need to be patient and carefully wait for the "appreciation" of the currency price to have a high profit.

Buying Bitcoin to gain income is similar to investing in stocks. When to start and when to sell, you need to pay attention to the fluctuation of currency price at any time.

If it is used for frequent transactions and small attempts, it is recommended not to invest too much cost. As long as it is a transaction, there will be risks. If you are a commercial stock speculator, please feel free to play

There is also a kind of big guy who wants to hoard coins. This requires a certain understanding of the market. When to enter the market is a very important problem. It may depend on whether to become rich overnight in the future. It is unknown whether it has finally turned into a kind of trifling.


1. The threshold is low. The threshold of investment amount is relatively low, and buying more or less is optional.

2. Arbitrary transaction. Buy is spot, you can trade at any time, TX at will.


1. Similar to stock and foreign exchange speculation, professional coin speculation technology and experience are required. (For example, pay close attention to the market situation of the currency market and changes in policies at any time)

2. Challenge mentality! The reality is very cruel. There are too few people who earn a lot of money by speculating money. When the currency price falls sharply, they must have a very high psychological endurance.

3. It is difficult to collect coins. We always pay attention to the rise and fall of the currency price and the net asset value of the account. We want to throw away the rising point of the currency price, and the decline of the currency price is fast killing us.

2、 Advantages and disadvantages of mining

In addition to the loan currency circulating in the market, the new Bitcoin must be obtained through "mining".

According to the bitcoin calculation rate standard, bitcoin will generate one block every 10 minutes, and there are 6.25 bitcoins (900 per day) in each block as remuneration. Participants will obtain bitcoin based on solving these blocks, and solving the terminal of transaction blocks requires a lot of time and calculation rate. This process is called "mining".

The process of mining requires a lot of resources, such as purchasing mining machines, electricity charges, maintenance of mining machines and places. not a single one can be omitted. Some people are curious. Why do you want to mine when you can buy directly?

The focus is on the form of "profit". If you want to distinguish, mining is a controllable project, while trading Bitcoin is a very passive project that tests human nature.

No one can master the fluctuation of currency price, and the risk of transaction must depend on the character. If it is an investment of long-term hoarding, mining is a good choice.

No matter the price of coins goes up or down, mining can enable you to effectively dig out stable bitcoins for a long time. The liquidation of mining "profits" depends on when you want to sell Bitcoin or continue to hoard it.

Although mining can't make you get high profits in a short time, it can make you accumulate Bitcoin continuously as a long-term investment.


1. High income. The coins obtained from mining far exceed the coins bought at the current price, and the profits grow in a linear way, which is very rich in the later period.

2. Low risk. When the currency price rises, profits can be earned when the currency price rises. When the currency price falls, the force finally rises slowly. With more currency points, profits can still be earned. That is, no matter the currency price rises or falls, it will not affect the mining profits.

3. Save effort. Mining only needs to be entrusted to the company's computer room, maintained by professional technicians, and only needs to query the profitability every day, waiting for entry.


1. Investment threshold. With the improvement of mining ecology, large capital will flow in, and the purchase calculation rate and the threshold of mining machines will be improved.

2. Patience is required. Mining is accumulated over time, with few early profits and periodic profits, which will take some time to present.

In fact, there are other factors that affect the mining income, such as soaring calculation rate, falling currency price, system risk, policy, etc., but the risk is lower than speculation. The key difference between direct coin buying and mining lies in the mentality of the coin holders. When the bull market is rising, the difference between their earnings is the amount of money on hand, and just because the coin mining can save a lot of money, they can realize or store money without losing. Mining is to exchange time for space, which is particularly defensive.

Speaking of this, I believe you have a certain understanding of which way to buy coins and mine. In general, mining is a slow income investment with high controllability. The input is the root output. Although the whole network computing power will have a certain impact on the output, mining will definitely give you a return as a long-term investment. The form of bitcoin trading is fatalistic, suitable for people who have a certain understanding of the currency market and strong subjective ideas. Therefore, it is better for everyone to choose according to their own actual needs.