20% of Solana Nodes Are Now Gone, 16.9% of Ethereum Now at Risk

Nov 06,2022
20% of Solana Nodes Are Now Gone, 16.9% of Ethereum Now at Risk

Hetzner, one of the largest servers on the Solana network, only restricts thousands of verifiers on the network and the browsing of servers, sending information to the same group of network operators in Ethereum.

A few hours ago, the verifier in Solana's network gradually accepted the email, in which Hetzner warned its customers and asked them to delete all the theme activities related to Solana, so as to browse the server. Previously, Hetzner has determined that it is not easy to tolerate all digital currency services in its servers.

With nearly 20% of the network verifiers turned off, Solana is likely to face another series of preferred technical difficulties. However, this case shows that Hetzner's personal behavior towards Solana should be called the warning of the Ethernet node network operator.

According to Hetzner's own information, the Ethereum node network operator violated the current software policy of the enterprise, and is likely to encounter the fate of Solana. Hetzner is still the second largest server provider on the whole network after Amazon.

Consumers running Solana nodes on relevant providers should switch to other servers as soon as possible, otherwise they will not be able to participate in the whole process of network verification.

If you run the Solana node in the background, make sure to switch to another provider as soon as possible. Ethereum verifier should also consider transferring to another provider, and try to have a lower dominant position in the network.

Fortunately, we haven't found any important links on Solana yet. The network has been operating as expected and maintained normal operation. The basic digital currency does not reflect the sales situation.