BSV Blockchain Association and University of Sharjah partner to build blockchain platform showcasing UAE’s cultural heritage

Sept 21,2022
BSV Blockchain Association and University of Sharjah partner to build blockchain platform showcasing UAE’s cultural heritage

A leading higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the University of Sharjah (UOS) and the BSV Blockchain Association have formed a strategic partnership to establish a blockchain platform and carry forward the national culture, art and tradition for generations in Web 3.

The Sino foreign joint venture organized by the University and Germany and Switzerland will involve the development and design of the non replacement token (NFT) sales market to show the collection of Dubai's rich and colorful historical and cultural heritage. This will become a virtual garden of Islamic and Arab culture, while relying on distributed ledger technology (DLT) will not change its characteristics.

Jimmy Nguyen, the founder and current chairman of BTCBSV Research Association, said: "We are very excited and happy that Dubai's leading institutions (such as UOS) jointly develop independent innovation solutions, which use cutting-edge technology to maintain the country's concept and history.".

The inheritance of this collection will be supervised by blockchain smart contracts without third-party interference. Mohamed Al Hemairy, the chief researcher of the University, stressed that, in addition to maintaining culture and art, such partnerships would also bring a series of benefits to Sharjah. The Sino foreign joint venture is expected to create thousands of jobs, because metaverse plays an important role in contributing 500 million dollars to the UAE economy under the quota system.

The contract will mean the rapid development of the "multi-phase R&D plan", and then it is entering the concept verification phase. In order to test the effectiveness of the platform, a university start-up will become a sandbox commonly used in its concept of the meta universe, and people can interact with the platform. In addition, open source solutions will also be applied to improve and further community participation.

Like lentils in peas

This is not the first time that we have cooperated on a project. As early as June, Sharjah University asked BSV to help eliminate academic research fraud. Dr. Mohamed Al Hemairy, the project leader of the university, stressed that the institution would eliminate the injury of false certificates by granting false certificates on the BSV enterprise service platform.

"If the employer wants to check the graduation certificates of potential candidates, this kind of verification system software applicable to BSV only needs a lot of processes to complete this work," said Dr. Hermiri.

The BSV Blockchain Association operates the BSV blockchain chain. One of its core goals is to ensure that all parts in the ecosystem are filled with each other. In addition, the agency also cooperates with management and control institutions to promote the rational and legal application of independent innovation distributed ledger technology.