Cardano Takes Solana NFT Traders, Here's Why They Run from SOL to ADA

Oct 19,2022
Cardano Takes Solana NFT Traders, Here's Why They Run from SOL to ADA

From the articles of many NFT traders, we can see that many of them are eager to leave Solana and go to Cardano to trade on today's more dynamic NFT platform. This type of establishment may be due to the surge in Cardano NFT activity.

basisOpening up CNFTIn the previous 24 hours, Cardano's NFT trading volume increased by 110%. In addition, the number of sales increased by 36.6% and the number of items sold increased by 39%. In addition, the top 12Carbon nanotubeIn the past 24 hours, the value of the collection has increased by at least 100% to 2500%.

In such a large data environment, the statistics of Solana NFT look depressing, which must be the main reason why NFT traders who apply the blockchain technology hate it.

NFT nuances

Although NFT investors are increasingly depressed about Solana, blockchain technology is very happy to seize this market share from Ethereum, of which Ethereum is the most important. As mentioned above, from mid to late August to the end of September, Solana's market share in the total NFT trading volume increased threefold, from 7% to 24%.

Referring to the overall situation of NFT sales market, Delphi statistics show that the number of non replacement token wallets has doubled this year to 6 million. Although the NFT field has experienced a strong decline, the low price seems to be more attractive to newcomers. At least, they can try to enter the hard-working and vigorous industry of the encryption market.