Dogecoin Creator Explains What He Hates About Industry and Why He Created DOGE

Nov 14,2022
Dogecoin Creator Explains What He Hates About Industry and Why He Created DOGE

The creator of the larger memecoin in the market once again reminded its users why he established Dogecoin and other views on all FTX situations that caused the collapse of the sales market again.

Billy Markus explained the necessity and real purpose of Dogecoin, and he reminded its users that encryption gold was established to produce phenomena similar to FTX. He felt that such cases would happen again and again, which was why it was necessary to ridicule them in the way of dog food.

If we talk about the collapse of FTX externally, it is very obvious. At least we can say that the marketing team of the trading center is eager for quick success and instant benefit. Technically, FTX uses its own users' funds for equity financing, loans and credit, which is why once users stipulate refunds, they will encounter a liquidity crisis.

Does the creator of Dogecoin resist encryption?

At first glance, the creator of the largest encryption meme in the market seems to resist the field of digital assets to a certain extent, and may only post hate or ironic messages. However, he responded that "encryption is very good". At first, it is a shared database and protocol, allowing users to transfer funds from one wallet to another without relying on a centralized physical line. The only problem in all kinds of problems is people.

Fully considering the characteristics of this method, a simple blockchain technology payment blockchain technology will not bring basic problems to users. Most of the system vulnerabilities of Bitcoin have been fixed since the first bull market. Nowadays, most of the problems of digital assets are caused by human factors, not the system vulnerabilities in the decentralized system.