FTX Collapse May Bring Bull Market Faster, Says Prominent Trader

Nov 18,2022
FTX Collapse May Bring Bull Market Faster, Says Prominent Trader

Murad Mahmudov, a famous cryptocurrency trader and investment analyst, believes that the implosion of all the attractions of FTX trading may actually reduce the continuous bear market in the stock market

In the midst of inevitable bad luck and gloom, this is a refreshing idea. the near futureArticle contentAccording to the post published by The Economist, the cryptocurrency field is likely to be difficult to survive after the reputation is severely destroyed. It feels that cryptocurrency has never been so "illegal, criminal, consumed and useless"

In addition, a recent article in the Financial Times gave the reasons for resisting the establishment of a reasonable and legal inference about the cryptocurrency control structure. After all, cryptocurrency had to be abandoned after the collapse of FTX

Although Mahmudov's recent comments may easily be called wishful thinking, Morgan Bank's investment analysts put forward similar views in their recent statements. The largest bank in the United States believes that the collapse of the cryptocurrency empire may accelerate the introduction of cryptocurrency regulation, and also place the fragmented financial industry in a dominant position

imageReported by:The new FTX CEO, John Ray, obviously blamed the former leadership of the exchange, saying it was worse than Xinran. He said that his predecessor issued "unstable" and "false" public statements. Lei also tried to find a small part of the cryptocurrency FTX learned to hold

In the roomA recent tweetDavid Schwartz, Ripple's technical director, said that the fact that FTX was collapsing rapidly was actually beneficial to the industry