Hundreds of Millions of XRP Moved by Anon Wallets After Ripple Shifted Billion XRP

Jan 04,2023
Hundreds of Millions of XRP Moved by Anon Wallets After Ripple Shifted Billion XRP
  • Move the 218 million XRP in it.
  • Ripple withdraws 1 billion XRP

According to information shared by Whale Alert, an alarming number of Ripple-attached XRP dynamic passwords have been transferred between anonymous wallets in the password exchange in the past 15 hours.

The day before that, Ripple leaders transferred a very large 1 billion XRP.

Move the 218 million XRP in it.

The above situation logged on to the password tracking service platform to see three large chunks of XRP recently transferred according to the wallet and marked it as "unknown". These three transfers-- 40 XRP-- 30 and 147.8 million XRP-- added together to form 218 million XRP OTP, worth about $73 million. The first of the three transactions was done by Bitstamp Wallet.

Statistics given by the Bithomp XRP computer browser show that wallets linked to key Bitstamp exchanges received 40000000 XRP from addresses related to the Bittrex Exchange in the United States. Push 30 million XRP transactions to BitStamp from the same service platform.

For 148700000 XRP blocks, the password is sent to Bittrex on the Binance exchange, pushing from one anonymous wallet to another.

Ripple withdraws 1 billion XRP

It is reported that on January 1, Ripple heavyweight Internet Finance withdrew as much as 1 billion XRP from the escrow as planned. The company has been making this monthly investment transfer since 2017-2018, when it determined the market effect of applicable tokens and provided adequate XRP to its partners and customers (banks or financial institutions such as banks).

At first, Ripple used hosting to determine 55% of the total supply of 100 billion XRP, which has released 1 billion XRP every month for about five years.

In general, about 200-300 million XRP in the opening quota will be introduced into the sales market, and the rest can be locked in an escrow account. This time, however, Whale Alert did not register everything to send tens of millions of XRPs to managed buying and selling transactions.