LUNC, USTC & LUNA May Rally on This Do Kwon Surprise: Details

Oct 20,2022
LUNC, USTC & LUNA May Rally on This Do Kwon Surprise: Details

According to various possibilities, nearly six months after Terra went bankrupt, the crypto market lost about $60 billion. The crypto currency of the ecosystem formed information content on time again, and implemented an incredible price rotation on the data chart.

Do Kwon, the founder of the new project, appeared in the most popular program about data encryption chainless podcasts, which may cause unpredictable fluctuations and corresponding price fluctuations of LUNC, USTC and LUNA.

According to the podcast host Laura Shin, the episode of Taekwondo will be broadcast next Tuesday, October 18. In the following centralization, the audience will be able to respond to the most serious problems related to Terra, children's taekwondo and collapse.

Terra Price Control

Although the occurrence of this infamous new project founder is likely to swing the price of the ecosystem cryptocurrency to a certain extent, it should not be ignored that this event is likely to portend risks.

Do Kwon previously harmed the price of Terra cryptocurrency. For example, the prices of LUNA, USTC and LUNC will soar every time, because the real estate developers have answered negatively or harshly and given information about legal and police proceedings.

Interestingly, the episode of "Do Kwon's Unlinked Podcast" will be broadcasted one day before the Malaysian passport of the real estate agent expires, which may cause her to be expelled back to the Chinese nation South Korea in the future.