Microsoft Investigates Attack Targeting Crypto Companies

Dec 07,2022
Microsoft Investigates Attack Targeting Crypto Companies

Security department of technology giant MicrosoftInvestigatedA malicious individual actor attacks various cryptocurrency investment management companies

The actor of Weixie is known as DEV-013. He can sneak into the most popular friends group in Telegram and dress up as a representative of a crypto investment management company. They pretend to discuss transaction fees with VIP customers in key trading centers

Network hackers have a comprehensive understanding of this matter, which enables them to obtain the recognition of the victims

Their aim is to trick crypto equity investment funds into downloading Excel files for free. Although the text document brings precise information about the cost structure of the key cryptocurrency trading center, it also contains a malicious macro that implements another Excel table in an invisible way. This also allows people with various bad behaviors to remotely log in to the system software infected by the victim

The survey report of Microsoft also shows that there may be other theme activities that use the same technology for encryption enterprises

This technology giant concluded that the cryptocurrency industry is an "interesting industry" for Internet suspect. They can combine large enterprises with small enterprises. Microsoft proposes additional precautions to avoid such attacks

imageReported by:In August this year, Check Point Software Technologies, a network information security service provider, found a malicious mobile phone software theme activity of cryptocurrency coin digging, which infected more than 111000 customers

Last April, Microsoft and Intel, the chip giantPublish CollaborationCommitted to severely cracking down on malicious encryption