Monero (XMR) Leads Gains Among Top Privacy Coins in 2022

Dec 30,2022
Monero (XMR) Leads Gains Among Top Privacy Coins in 2022

Monero shares are currently trading at $146.39, up 1.39 per cent in the past 24 hours. Although such coins, like other cryptocurrencies, are clearly hit hard by the login password in the winter, the dwindling unknown fear, variability and suspicion (FUD) surrounding such coins as a private coin has helped him recover in recent times.

When it goes hand in hand with other personal privacy OTP, its recovery becomes more and more significant, including but not limited to Dash and ZCash. Based on CoinGecko's data, Monero has lost only about 30 per cent of its price value in the past year at current prices.

By comparison, Dash's stock price fell 68.2% over the same period, changing hands is $43.38, while ZCash's hard-hit privacy coin fell 74.7% to $38.06 over the same period.

As a flagship personal privacy coin, Monero not only maintains the correlation in price, but also has the largest transaction volume of all personal privacy coins currently under review. Because of a proactive promoter community, the new Monero project is a project that has the potential to change the decentralized payment ecosystem.

Monero and Control

Closely around the cryptocurrency, the whole stock fundamentals lie in pseudo-group polarization, which makes some transactions more and more ambiguous to the public. In Monero's case, the deal was completely anonymous, making it resistant to regulators, which felt it was a safe way to operate illegal funds.

The regulatory ban on personal privacy coins has caused a lot of anxiety in the industry; however, the corporate implosion in this year's high-profile login password ecosystem undermines this area of diligence. At this stage, Monero and other personal coins often maintain strong market prices, and as they become more and more readily available, the relevance of coins is bound to increase over time.