"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Author: Bitcoin May Protect You as Economy Crashes, Markets Go Bust

Oct 18,2022
  • "The collapse of economic development and the collapse of the stock market"
  • "Millions of people will be solved"

Robert Kiyosaki, an investor, entrepreneur and author of the best-selling financial literacy book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, pointed out in a recent Twitter that Bitcoin has become more critical.

"The collapse of economic development and the collapse of the stock market"

Kiyosaki reminded the community on Twitter to pay attention to the collapse of the US and the world economy at this stage. At that time, the stock market fell sharply, the number of unemployed people rose, and the pension insurance was still collapsing.

Under such circumstances, in his opinion, Bitcoin can protect a person's capital; However, he added that BTC could not maintain its wage income in the economic situation. He repeatedly predicted and analyzed on Twitter that the US dollar would suffer from the US stock market crash and the US economic development would collapse, and said that the US dollar has been rising since the 1990s.

According to the article published earlier this year, in his opinion, all difficulties are a great opportunity. He wrote on Twitter this time that all "side market competition" will "provide you with benefits" and "develop into the next Amazon platform or Bitcoin"

Apart from BTC, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad chose gold and silver as safe haven assets. In particular, he tweeted recently and two years ago that when economic development was devastated by the rise of the COVID-19 epidemic, platinum could be purchased with coins worth $20. In his opinion, everyone can afford it.

It is worth mentioning that in 2020, US government departments have printed more than 600 million US dollars of bank bills to apply to US households and support banks or well-known enterprises. Many people criticized this measure at that time, but still blame it today. They said that the substantial increase of money supply in commodity circulation is an important driving force for the current amazing inflation rate, not only in the United States, but also abroad and all countries in the world.

"Millions of people will be solved"

Less than a week ago, Kiyosaki shared a prediction analysis that the capital of millions of people in the United States would be wiped out. He said that most ordinary people see microeconomic elements, such as the rise in electricity, energy and food prices; However, only a few people can see the macroeconomic factors based on the contemporary economic collapse and inflation.

He pointed out that the main cause of macroeconomic policies leading to these problems was "invisible". That was when he mentioned bitcoin, coins and gold again. Kiyosaki recently shared his high interest in Bitcoin. Another main reason is that pension insurance funds are gradually betting on industry-leading digital currencies, although she mentioned in Twitter that the content of Forbes article cynically called such bets "gambling money"