SHIB Burning Makes Leap, Here's How Much Was Burned Last Week

Nov 08,2022
SHIB Burning Makes Leap, Here's How Much Was Burned Last Week

Last week, an important flight took place in the whole combustion process of SHIB. In just one weekend, the number of Shiba Inu tokens withdrawn from the total opening has reached 93 million SHIBs, making the burning rate reach a surprising 5800%.

In the past week, 187.37 million SHIBs were burned, which is equivalent to 2200 US dollars at the current token price. Fully considering the monthly combustion data of US $888.95 million (equivalent to US $10516) provided by CryptoEye, it can be said that the previous week was not particularly noticeable.

Development direction of SHIB combustion

As pointed out, since September, the whole combustion process of SHIB has stabilized after the summer trend of the past month and a half. At that time, the number of SHIBs burned every month was 4 billion tokens, but now only 2.82 billion SHIBs have been burned in the whole autumn.

In addition, since the beginning of September, Shiba Inu, as an ecosystem, has successfully published and released the online game Shiba Eternity, and referred to the details of the layer 2 blockchain technology Shiba. In the eyes of real estate developers, these two new projects must be combined, and in addition to other benefits, the number of burned SHIBs must also be increased. Even so, it seems that Zhiyeinu will end up in a burning stable period in a year, but the first half of 2023 will be more interesting.