SHIB Seeing Surprising Utility for These Individuals, Here's Who They Are

Dec 20,2022
SHIB Seeing Surprising Utility for These Individuals, Here's Who They Are

According to the data information of WhaleStats, Shiba Inu's effect in whales has risen sharply in the past 24 hours, because it happened again under radar detection. This is mainly because SHIB is among the first 2000 ETH whales and is among the commonly used blockchain smart contracts.

With the recent events in the digital currency field, the market is facing the pressure of selling. SHIB also fell 5.09% to US $0.00000815.

After the bad natural environment of the market that has often occurred since 2022, an interesting development trend has emerged in the market: retail theme activities are likely to continue to decline, but large and medium-sized holders (i.e. "whales") will rise again. In recent months, SHIB has seen the birth of a new whale.

The market is generally cyclical, with extremely excited and depressed links. Generally speaking, an optimistic attitude will also lead to the highest value driven by retail assets, and the frequent downturn will reach the peak when the market stops falling, when smart assets will enter.

According to the data information of WhaleStats, the average SHIB account balance of the top 100 SHIB holders has slightly increased in the past 24 hours, which indicates that there is accumulation.

SHIB super large amount transactions increased by 58%

Because the transaction of the distributed ledger is transparent, watching whales can also find hints before the hidden movement occurs, thus allowing market participants to take strategic actions and choose themselves for profit after the movement.

Under such circumstances, the improvement of super large amount transactions is likely to represent the Whale Action. According to the point of view of the chain analysis enterprise IntoTheBlock, large and medium-sized transactions refer to transactions that exceed 100000 dollars, which are generally indicators of whale personal behavior, whether purchased or sold. According to IntoTheBlock data information, large and medium-sized transactions increased by 58%.

For example, the proportion of long-term investors who own SHIB "hodlers" with tokens for more than one year has risen to 58%.