Seven Best Cardano NFT Markets for ADA Project in 2022

Nov 08,2022
Seven Best Cardano NFT Markets for ADA Project in 2022

Caldano is a cryptocurrency platform that allows the development and execution of smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital contracts that can be programmed to automatically perform specific operations when certain conditions are met. For example, a smart contract can automatically transfer the ownership of NFT from one person to another when NFT is sold. If you want to buy or sell Caldano NFT, there are many markets for you to use. The following are the seven best Caldano NFT markets.

1. Rarib

Rarib is one of the most popular NFT markets on the Internet. The platform supports a wide range of assets, including art, music, video, etc. With more than 250000 users, you will surely find a buyer for your NFT. In addition, Rarib charges only 3% for successful sales.

Rarib supports many different blockchains, including Caldano. One of the unique features of Rarib is that it allows users to create their own custom NFT. So if you're looking for uniqueness, Rarib is definitely worth a try. It has options similar to OpenSea and supports a variety of other cryptographic assets. The charge of Rarib is indeed slightly lower than that of OpenSea, but it does not have so many users, so the liquidity may be less.


OpenSea is one of the largest, most popular, and easiest to use NFT markets. The market supports a wide range of digital assets, including art, games and collectibles, as well as blockchain platforms. With more than 2 million users, your NFT can definitely find a buyer here. OpenSea also provides a low cost of 1% for successful sales.

On OpenSea, you will find a lot of NFT based on CNT, from digital art and collections to items and objects in games. It has a wide range of Caldano NFT, including art, collections and game projects. You can also find various other cryptographic assets on OpenSea, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. It should be noted that OpenSea will charge the buyer and seller a fee.


AdaNFT is the first Caldano NFT market on the Internet. It is the site of many Caldano based NFT projects, including music, art and various collections. This Caldano NFT market claims to be the most unique Caldano based NFT platform. This means that not everyone can list NFTs there. In addition, users must vote together to purchase NFT projects.

AdaNFT uses a rating system for this purpose. When you use AdaSwap tokens to purchase items, you can upgrade your current rating. However, these should not make you feel complicated to use, because AdaNFT platform has an easy-to-use interface.

AdaNFT is another DEX that provides free transactions of Caldano assets. This is one of the easiest platforms to use. In addition to Caldano, it also supports a variety of alternative coins. However, it has a disadvantage that its number of users is not as large as some other markets on the list, so its liquidity may be less. You can't find a lot of quotes like OpenSea or Rarib. They hosted the popular release of Caldano based NFT through their NFT launchpad and Mystery Box.


CNFT will be launched in July 2021, trading millions of ADAs every day. At present, it is said that the daily trading volume exceeds 200 million ADA. Even the name itself will remind you of Caldano (CNFT=Caldano NFT). At CNFT On io, you will find famous Caldano NFT projects, such as Clumsy Phantom, SpcaeBudz, Ape Society, Pavia, etc. This platform is not a free NFT market, because they charge 2.5% of the market fee.

5. JPG. Store

JPG. Store is a fast growing NFT market, targeting Caldano based projects. Although it is relatively new, it quickly consolidated its position as one of the most commonly used ADA platforms. The core of this rapid development is the modern user interface and experience. If you have used the popular OpenSea platform, you will find that JPG.Store is easy to use because of its familiar navigation and appearance. In addition, the JPG store team claims that it is Caldano's largest NFT market, with a turnover of more than 100 million dollars.


Tokhun was officially launched in March 2021 and is becoming increasingly popular, especially on social media. Although Tokhun is a good market, the platform user interface and navigation of are not very good.

Tokhun is not just the NFT market; It is basically a social network, connecting project creators with their holders and fans. Here, you can not only trade assets, but also create your own Caldano based NFT. It doesn't have a lot of NFT like other markets in this article, and the gasoline cost is a little high.

7. Caldano Cube

The Caldano Cube is not a complete Caldano NFT market. Rather, it is a platform that aggregates and displays the details of all available decentralized applications and projects based on the ADA blockchain. The Caldano Cube was chosen because it is an excellent place to find NFT projects based on Caldano, even if you cannot directly trade on this platform. Users can add and promote their Caldano based NFT projects and dapps, and promote them on the Caldano Cube.


The above is the introduction of the seven best Caldano NFT markets. After reading this article, I believe you can find an NFT market that meets your needs and preferences. However, Cardano also has its own NFT standard, called CNT. CNT based NFT can be stored on the Kardano blockchain, and can be used to represent anything that can be owned, such as digital art, game projects, or even physical objects.