Three signs that a brand needs a meta universe marketing strategy

Dec 15,2022
Three signs that a brand needs a meta universe marketing strategy

Since the advent of the epidemic, the creation of global digital or digital enhanced products has been seven years ahead of the initial forecast. The most exciting frontier of this evolution of digital experience is the meta universe. However, it is still too early for the meta universe. Although every enterprise should eventually adopt the meta universe marketing strategy, some enterprises are most qualified to take advantage of this emerging technology immediately. If the audience represents one of the following core characteristics, or these characteristics represent an undeveloped market segment that you think has strategic advantages - you should take the meta universe marketing strategy as the first task.

1. Audience under 35

At present, the main audience attracted to the meta cosmic space are young and highly involved people. A recent study found that the average age of nearly three quarters of Fortress Night, My and Roblox players was 27. These young millennial, Z-generation and alpha generation players grew up in some primitive or current meta universe experience and will continue to regard them as valuable parts of their daily lives. It is also becoming more and more difficult and expensive to advertise to these people, because they are more likely to install advertisement blockers, skip the advertisement content, or ignore traditional advertisements completely.

Contact with these advertising blind customers needs to go to their places and contact them according to their conditions. Platforms like Roblox provide a lot of advertising opportunities, from brand virtual goods to interactive activities.

2. The audience is proficient in technology and adopts it early

Early adopters constitute a wider audience of irreplaceable tokens (or NFT) and cryptocurrencies. These audiences also accept emerging technologies such as enhancement and virtual reality, which are key components of the entire meta universe.

According to the Pew Research Center, 28% of Americans are firm early adopters of new technologies. Most of these early adopters are younger and have higher incomes than those who are unwilling to invest. Connecting brands with emerging technologies will position them at the forefront of technology and the current, making them the first choice for active audiences willing to invest in the latest frontier development.

3. Target audience likes to collect

If there is any number of collectors' enthusiasm behind the brand, you should develop a meta universe strategy. In addition to the aforementioned strategies adopted by fashion companies on the meta universe platform, blockchain also allows brands to create a similar feeling of scarcity and ownership of digital assets, just like brands in real life.

Although fashion brands are in a unique position to take advantage of the meta universe, many other brands are also taking advantage of this digital collection market. Whether you provide digital fashion, transaction cards, collectable characters, comics, CDs, or anything else - use the meta universe products to explore collectable thinking patterns and combine them with the immersion that can only be found in the digital space. You will find an audience willing to invest.


The above are three signs of the need for a meta universe marketing strategy for brands. Once you determine that you need a meta universe marketing strategy and are ready to implement it, you can consider seeking experts to help promote it. Provide an end-to-end product suite with tools and plug-ins to help you manage, connect them with real events and projects, and integrate them directly into the meta universe.