Top 5 meta cosmic tokens using Solana blockchain technology

Dec 28,2022
Top 5 meta cosmic tokens using Solana blockchain technology

What are the most valuable Solana meta cosmic tokens? With the significant progress of the existing blockchain network and a series of novel features, Solana blockchain has become the main candidate for the development of the meta universe. There are more than 500 different decentralized applications (dApps) on the Solana blockchain. The following are the five most popular Solana meta cosmic tokens currently available.

Collaborative Paradise

Synergy Land is the first example of the meta universe based on Solana blockchain. It is a multiplayer action role-playing game developed by Synergy Studio. The game experience is tailored to the inspiration of many popular games such as Diablo. At the same time, it aims to create an ecosystem where players can collect and trade NFTs.


Solice is currently one of the top competitors in the meta cosmic currencies of Solana and SLC. It is the first cross platform virtual reality meta universe built on the Solana blockchain. Most importantly, Solice contains many elements, which enable it to effectively adapt to the different preferences of players in Solice's meta universe.

Solice recently raised $4.3 million in venture capital, which bodes well for the company's future in the meta universe. In the Solice meta universe, players can find various social elements, such as tasks and mini games that make them happy. In addition, SLC can be developed into one of the best Solana meta cosmic tokens, with special emphasis on social aspects.

star map

The following is a critical response to the question "What meta universe is built on Solana?". There is no doubt that it is a star map. This is a Solana based multiplayer online game with a unique virtual game meta universe composed of various types. The blockchain based strategy game is essentially about space exploration tasks set in the space themed universe. Players can design and upgrade their spaceships to explore the Star Atlas meta universe. In addition, players can develop their assets in the regional real estate assigned to them.


With its native token AFFL, Afflarium is another multiplayer meta universe game, providing another top entry in the meta universe tokens on Solana. It is a large multiplayer online real meta universe, optimized for virtual reality experience based on Solana blockchain. AFFL token is used as the governance token of Afflarium meta universe. It is not yet listed, and the team is currently inviting participants to participate in the incentive test plan.

Good Game Guild

Good Games Guild or GGG tokens are the last addition to the best Solana meta universe token list. It is essentially a game center, dedicated to the development of the largest meta cosmic economy. Good Games Guild strives to achieve this vision by optimizing assets to maximize returns.


The development of the meta universe platform largely depends on blockchain technology. It realizes the decentralization, transparency and security required by the meta universe, and it is also the basis of several other important components of the meta universe. Solana is a blockchain network with good reputation, which promises to improve the transaction speed and, ideally, expand the scale and size of the meta universe.