What websites can you use NFT to purchase digital goods?

Dec 30,2022
What websites can you use NFT to purchase digital goods?

Blockchain technology is completely changing the ownership of digital goods. Non replaceable token (NFT) seems to be similar to cryptocurrency at first sight, but their difference is that one token cannot be exchanged for another. Each NFT represents a unique digital item. In real life, NFT is now used to establish the ownership of digital goods, resulting in digital scarcity. Some of the digital assets NFT uses to purchase range from art to video collections. Here are some places where you can use NFT to buy your own digital goods.

1. Rare

Rarib is a community owned NFT market that connects 20000 creators and collectors. Rarib has its own governance token, RARI, which is distributed to community members. RARI gives active members the power to influence the direction of the platform, such as voting for platform upgrading.

Rarib classifies hot bids and favorites on its user-friendly home page. Under the exploration category, you can find various digital assets for sale, including artwork, game cards, virtual real estate, domain names and music. You can even choose to create NFTs for your digital goods on Rarib without having to sell them.

2. Beautiful gateway

Nifty Gateway is proud to be a super exclusive platform. Nifties is the first platform to learn about artists, athletes, brands and creators.

Drops are sold directly by creators such as TJ Miller and Steve Aoki, and may be resold in Nifty Gateway's own secondary market. Unlike other NFT markets, Nifty Gateway allows you to bid in USD using your credit card.

3. Kaihai

OpenSea claims to be the largest NFT market for digital goods. It focuses on 200 kinds of digital assets, including game items, domain names, collections and artworks.

ETH is the most popular payment method, but OpenSea also accepts many other cryptocurrency payment methods.

Recently, OpenSea created a method for creators to create NFT for free through a process called inert coinage. This means that the tokens were not actually minted before they were purchased - only then would the buyer pay for the minting.

4. Foundation

When Nyan Cat was purchased at a price of 580000 dollars in a fierce bidding war, the foundation became famous.

Foundation places itself at the forefront of the "new creative economy", aiming to bring together digital creators, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and collectors.

Users can find digital art works and feature creators under their respective page tabs. The bid is made in ETH, which is saved in MetaMask (the cryptocurrency wallet used by the Foundation).

5. Maker Square

MakersPlace is a rare digital art market, dedicated to bringing together original digital creations from the most creative minds in Shanghai. It aims to help digital creators protect limited edition digital works and sell them to fans and collectors.

MakersPlace is different from other NFT markets because it focuses on digital art.

Anyone who does not hold cryptocurrency can easily access MakersPlace because it has partnered with Stripe to support global credit card payments.

6. Super rare

SuperRare connects artists and collectors to trade unique works of art in its market. In addition to letting customers buy directly from artists, SuperRare also empowers creators in the secondary market by drawing a 3% commission from secondary sales. This is supported by smart contracts, similar to the traditional royalties charged by artists.

It's easy to collect art on SuperRare - just register and connect your Ethereum wallet.

In general, as the sales of games, sports, art and collectible digital goods are booming, NFT is expected to subvert the field of e-commerce. They have successfully priced the aesthetic and emotional value of digital goods. Although NFT technology is still in its infancy, it has provided broad prospects for the future.