Why has Apple blocked the NFT function of Bitcoin Base Wallet?

Dec 03,2022
Why has Apple blocked the NFT function of Bitcoin Base Wallet?

According to the team behind this project, the large technology giant Apple has shielded an important component from the wallet of the Bitcoin base. Through their official Twitter account, the encryption company said that iOS users cannot send an irreplaceable token (NFT) in their applications.

The announcement is the latest in a series of complaints about Apple's store policies. Coin Wallet claimed that this large technology company deliberately blocked this function in the latest product release. The application will be blocked until the project disables NFTs transactions on the application.

Apple opposes Bitcoin base and encryption

Due to the terms of its store, Apple decided to block the latest release of the Bitcoin Base wallet. The user must pay a certain proportion of the payment for the company's in app purchase system on this application platform. This large technology company performs the same logic as the close-up of Bitcoin base in NFT. The team of the project said: Apple said that the fuel cost for sending NFT needs to be paid through their in app purchase system, so they can charge 30% of the fuel cost. This is obviously impossible for anyone who knows how NFTs and blockchains work. Apple's proprietary in app purchase system does not support encryption, so we cannot comply even if we try.

This decision confused Bitcoin Base and its users. Before Apple implements the blockchain based payment solution, the application may be blocked, limiting people's ability to use these digital assets for transactions.

Wallet condemned Apple's decision on its Twitter account, claiming that it was trying to profit from users. The project compares measures to charge each email sent by the service provider.

In addition, this decision may have a negative impact on users' ability to withdraw their non functional transactions and digital assets. Before making a decision to change, users' assets may be frozen in their wallets. The project team added: Apple just increased the difficulty of transferring NFT to other wallets or giving it to friends or family. In short, Apple has introduced new policies to protect their profits at the expense of consumer investment in NFTs and developer innovation in the entire encryption ecosystem.

Isn't this the first time?

A few days ago, Elon Musk, Twitter's chief executive, accused the large technology company of withdrawing its advertising from the platform. Apple is reportedly considering removing Twitter from the app store.

At that time, Musk asked Apple whether it "hated the freedom of speech in the United States" And encryption project LBRY answered their experience with the company. In 2021, this project must "filter some search words", otherwise it will be taken off the App Store.

Apple almost prohibits any Covid related content, especially the human origin of vaccines or viruses.

We had to create a list of more than 20 words to display results only on Apple devices.

Apple later rejected us because the user included Peipei's image in the video

As of the time of this writing, Apple has not made an official statement about this decision. The team expected that this measure was an oversight of Apple, but the company had a record of making similar decisions in the past. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Bitcoin Base, expressed disappointment at this decision.

This is a good example that we discuss with Apple every month to solve their application store monopoly problem. Sometimes it becomes ridiculous.