Yuga Labs Founders Pledge $1 Million to Support Higher Education in their Hometown Miami

Oct 15,2022
Yuga Labs Founders Pledge $1 Million to Support Higher Education in their Hometown Miami
  • Yuga Labs has committed to provide US $1 million in assets to support the education of Miami Art. Miami is a vibrant big city, where the boring ape golf driving range rose.
  • In order to facilitate this process, the enterprise donated US $300000 to the Miami Independent Entrepreneurship Scholarship Stock Fund to support students who must study for a bachelor's degree in STEM.
The following belongs to the Yuga Lab Plan How to give thanks to Miami

Yuga Labs is a famous boring ape golf driving range (BAYC) NFT combined with the Web3 enterprise behind it. It has promised to give 1 million dollars of assets to support the education and promotion of Miami art. In order to run this program, the enterprise donated US $300000 to the Miami Self Entrepreneurship Scholarship Stock Fund.

This exciting effort is part of Yuga's intention to keep in touch with her foundation stone based on her gratitude for giving back to the big city where the Ape Bore Golf Driving Range has risen. As you know, the founders of Yuga, Gordon Goner and Garga, and the CEO of Yuga Labs, Nicole Muniz, are all from Miami, and they are proud of the shareholders' meeting.

The team grew up in the coastal area of California and witnessed the vitality and great development potential of this street. As a result, the Miami Independent Entrepreneurship Scholarship Stock Fund has been established to support students who need to study for a more professional bachelor's degree in STEM in local organizations.

Miami is a special area. This is the birthplace of @ BoredApeYC and most of our leadership teams. This is a vibrant and promising community - we are pleased to announce a new $1 million plan to support the arts and education training programs in that place. For additional information, please visit: https://t.co/tUdhLMC1Na

-Yuga Laboratory (@ yugalabs) October 12, 2022

Greg Solano, the founder of Yuga Lab, said: "It has been planned for a period of time, and I am glad to finally announce Yuga's investment in the future projects of his hometown. Miami has become a vibrant industrial center, and Yuga Lab is at the forefront of innovation.".

"We have a strong foundation in Miami," said Wylie Singno, founder of Yuga Lab. "On the premise that we continue to create business processes here, we are glad that we can also help to build a strong and enthusiastic community where there is no obstacle and no limit to imagination."

Francis Suarez, Governor of Miami, said that it is particularly important to combine local talents with job opportunities to support the growing blockchain community in the region. Yuga Lab's financial bureau support also helps make this enterprise vision a reality.

"Yuga Labs is the manager of the growing Web3 business community in Miami. We are very happy to work with them to provide Miami people with the culture and education they need, so that students can get highly sought after career development with high paid positions."

Yuga previously promised to donate 10 million ApeCoins to Jane Goodall Property Charity Foundation in March. The enterprise also pledged to donate the founder's expenses from the secondary sales of BAKC to support the charity organization of animal protection association and no slaughter shelters.

Although I'm glad to see the Web3 leader giving back to his community, Yuga's success in millions of dollars has deeply attracted the attention of financial regulators. Recently, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission conducted a survey on the company's BAYC NFT marketing and ApeCoin distributors.