7 best play to earn crypto games without investment

Dec 07,2022
7 best play to earn crypto games without investment

Play to earn game use of blockchain technology allows players to have the opportunity to reward their skills and efforts to generate cryptocurrencies. At the same time, many cryptocurrencies and NFT games also need initial investment, and they cannot guarantee investment. Therefore, crypto and NFT games that do not need to invest are particularly interested in novices. In this article, we will focus on the best and most popular crypto and NFT games without investment.


What is Play to Earn Crypto game?

These unique games have native currencies that support the game economy. You can use these games to purchase, trades, sell and play games.

However, some games are high -end games, which need to be initially invest first, while others can play for free.

It is worth noting that most of these games are in the early development stage, especially when you compare the graphics with the traditional top PlayStation or Xbox games. So if you look forward to a good -looking encryption game, then you have been a few years earlier.

But focus on economically, returning is enough to fascinate you.


Play-to-Earn NFT game

Play-to-Earn NFT game is a computer game built into NFT in its gameplay and allows players to make money. Unlike the traditional economic game of withdrawals, NFT games run on smart contracts stored in the blockchain. Incontinue tokens in such games act as valuables in various games. When playing NFT games for the purpose of games, players will receive some in -game assets, usually NFT, game native cryptocurrencies or both. Players with these assets can use them in the game or sell them to other players. Cryptocurrencies obtained in the game or sale of NFT can withdraw from cryptocurrency exchanges and sell them in exchange for legal currencies.


How to verify P2E games?

This is a new era. Therefore, there are bad projects trying to steal, and the legitimacy must be checked before investing in anything.

The first thing to check is token economics. What are the total supply of token, issuance cycle, holding or mortgage incentives, other use cases?

At the beginning, unlimited token supply may not be a good thing. In addition, pledge and holdings need to be returned to allow people to continue investing.

However, there is no fixed way to judge the future of a game. But avoid investing a lot of funds from the beginning, and do not invest in the amount you cannot bear.

Because cryptocurrencies are one of the most risks in the history of today's era, please conduct appropriate background investigations to determine whether the risk is high enough.


How to make money in crypto or NFT games

Crypto or NFT games that can start and make money without investing do exist. There are the following types of profitability for non -investment NFT games:

NFT obtained in the game. You can usually get them freely by completing the task, gifts as developers or upgrade free gifts through entry tool packages.

Native cryptocurrencies selling games. In many NFT games, players can get cryptocurrencies through participating in the game activities, and they can be sold later.

Cryptocurrency of pledged games. Some games provide cryptocurrencies that choose to earn in the game.

But you should realize that you must spend time to make up for the lack of investment, sometimes even a lot of time. This may cause the game to become routine and no longer interesting. If you are not afraid, or you just want to try such games, we have prepared a list of 10 most popular NFT games. You can play these games without investing.


7 free crypto and NFT games that without to invest

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a top P2E encryption game, which has always been news in terms of some weak economies (such as the Philippines, Venezuela, etc.).

The game requires three Axies (creatures in the game) and you can buy them from their market. Or, you can buy eggs from Axies laboratory and wait for them to become Axies. In addition, you can use Axies to breed eggs to produce new Axies and sell them in the market.

These NFT Axies are aimed at fighting other Axies in the three Axies to obtain the native currency Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). This is the governance tokens, and you can also exchange it into real cash. In addition, people can pledge them to get a reward of Crypto pledge.

In addition to AXS, there is also an ERC-20 token SLP (SMOOTH Love Potion) for breeding Axies. Like AXS, you can use SLP to exchange legal currencies on the famous cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The game also pointed out that in the future, there will be a non -preliminary investment model with limited profitable potential.


2. Sand box

Sand box type virtual universe with Minecraft -style pixel graphics. In addition to playing existing games, users can also create their own games and make profits from it. The platform includes a full -featured editor for creating models and animations, allowing users to create and trade their own game objects.



PEGAXY is a profitable horse racing game. You buy or rent PEGA to get the top three rewards with the currency VIS in the game.

However, as of now, you have rarely controlled the actual competition.

As a PEGA owner, your duties are limited to verifying track elements, selection of specific PEGAs, and selection of appropriate equipment. Unlike traditional games, the car is random and no one is controlled.

PEGAS can be purchased in the Pegaxy market, you can buy it with USDT.

In addition, there are reproduction to create a small peak. These offspring prepare breeding or competitions according to their descent.

In addition, you can also get two Pegasus into one to get a higher VIS reward. However, breeding and integration will spend you VIS and PGX (governing tokens).

Racing, sales and lease PEGAS support revenue. The betting is in progress, and there are better game control, which will make the game based on skills.


4. Liberation of Gods

A fantasy -themed tactical replacement card game, reminiscent of giants such as Wanzhi and Hearthstone. The game has exquisite graphics and dynamic gameplay. All cards and characters in the game are NFT.



DECENTRALAND is a top element universe, providing sufficient income potential for its users. The first way to make money is the cliché of all the Yuan universe -buying land. You can then borrow it or sell it sharply.

Another more interesting (more challenging) way is to organize activities or games and charge the audience.

Similar to SANDBOX, there is an internal tool that can be used to build an experience you can use for free. But pay attention to the publication; you need a piece of land, you will use its native currency Mana to buy.

The third way to make money is to provide services to the land owner, as we do in the physical world of this mortal.

At some time in 2021, Decentral Games was recruiting talents for its Tominoya Casino. As an intern, you can earn $ 200 and can earn $ 700 as a part -time person (20 hours per week). As a full -time person (40 hours per week), you can earn about $ 1,500. They eventually hired 20 part -time personnel and a full -time manager to operate the Metaverse Casino.

In addition, you can also design wearable devices, send them to the community for approval, and cast after obtaining consent. The registration fee is $ 500 per piece (not each NFT). Finally, you can list your wearable devices in the market to make money.

All in all, DECENTRALAND is a real life of computer simulation, with similar work prospects and opportunities to make money.


5. CryptoBlades

In the free -to -earn NFT game list, CryptoBlades inspired by another RPG game. Like other war games, this game also fought with the enemy, defeated them, and won the skill token as a prize. When playing games, players can generate weapons and even sell them in the market in the game. To start the game, players need to buy a role. Therefore, it is necessary to pay the minimum cost to continue fighting and games. After that, players can get rewards in the form of skill tokens.


6. Crazy King

A game that combines popular tower defense games and replacement card games. The game already has more than 600 levels and is constantly developing. Unfortunately, it is currently available on iOS. Nevertheless, the game has downloaded more than 1 million times around the world.


7.Lucky Block -the best game of earning cryptocurrencies in 2022

When it comes to the best way to make cryptocurrency games, our top is Lucky Block. Lucky Block is the first encrypted gaming platform. It uses the strong features of the Binance Intelligence Chain (BSC) to provide fair and transparent draws. These draws are set up once a day and are related to the number of people entering -therefore, the more people participate, the higher the cumulative bonus.

These draws are performed through Lucky Block network applications or mobile applications, which can be used on iOS or Android. The platform's "P2E) elements are carried out around these daily draws, and you can participate by using LBLOCK (Lucky Block's native currency) tickets.

LBLOCK itself is an exciting asset. After the listing of Pancakeswap earlier this year, investors received a four -digit return. Lucky Block also provides LBLOCK holders with a way to generate passive income flow through regular dividend payment. Just connect their encrypted wallet to the Lucky Block application.

The dividend payment is linked to the number of people participating in the Lucky Block draw -it is estimated that the annual yield is over 19%. In terms of the first prize lottery, the winner is completely randomly selected using the Chainlink VRF service. The service provides proven fair random sources.

In the end, Lucky Block even has its own NFT series, and NFT owners can participate in exclusive draws at the same time with the platform's main lottery. This means that the NFT owner will have a chance twice a day. Now more than 46,000 people have joined the Telegram group of Lucky Block, and more than 31,000 followers on the Twitter account of the platform must be carried out around this exciting P2E game.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a blockchain game?

Blockchain games are games that use blockchain technology to store game assets and distribute rewards to players through cryptocurrencies or reward them through NFT. Some blockchain games require players to have a specific NFT or hold a specific cryptocurrency for games, while others can play games for free.


2. How to start playing blockchain games?

Playing money games should start with research. Take time to understand the type of playing and earning games and which are interesting to you. You may want to start with a free game, just to master its tricks. If you decide to invest in a game, make sure you understand the operation of the game and how you make money. Then you need to create an encrypted wallet, buy cryptocurrency, and finally buy NFT. For more prompts, please read our guidelines on how to start playing money games.


3. Are there any free blockchain making money games?

Yes, there are free blockchain games or games that make money. These games do not need to make initial investment in cryptocurrencies or NFT. Some examples of free -to -play games include GODS University, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands.


The above content introduces 7 games that do not need to invest. It can be said that playing crypto games is the next sensation in the game world. If you can make a lot of money while entertaining yourself, it is even better. At present, there are many types of money to make money games on the market. They have different money -making mechanisms and rewards at different levels. You can choose a game that suits you.