BNB Could Jump to $443, Here's What Should Happen First: Analyst

Nov 08,2022
BNB Could Jump to $443, Here's What Should Happen First: Analyst
  • BNB may drop to $443
  • Will BNB be used on Twitter?

Analyst Ali Martinez indicated on Twitter that if BTC can maintain the critical total demand, in his opinion, BTC (BNB) will increase significantly to $443.

Scott Melker, a well-known trader, also shared his prediction and analysis of the behavior BNB is likely to take recently.

BNB may drop to $443

So far, it has dropped to 337 dollars as he expected. If BNB can own a stock higher than 332 dollars, he estimated that BNB would try to move towards 443 dollars.

The analyst showed a screenshot of a data chart with Fiboracci level, showing how coins were pushed to the above overall target level.

This verified the analyst's prediction analysis after responding to the article of famous trader Scott Melker on November 4. At that time, Pastore indicated on Twitter that he expected BNB to fall to the level of 338-334 dollars, and then "refilled the bomb again, with a higher overall goal"

In that tweet, Melk stressed that BNB has already reached the important pressure level of 337 dollars. In his view, if the Bitcoin market remains above $20,000 for a long time (on November 4, BTC was trading in the $20,300 range), BNB should soar again to reach the $500 range, and encounter great obstacles on the road to meeting this range.

The above BNB decline occurred after the local currency of Binance Exchange fell from the peak of 359 US dollars on November 5.

Elon Musk took over from Twitter, and Czechoslovakia (CZ) brought $500 million in project investment to help him achieve this overall goal.

Will BNB be used on Twitter?

As reported last week, analyst Miles Deutscher believes that BNB is one of the coins that may be merged with Twitter for purchase in the future.

He said that Binance had just launched the "Bluebird Index", which tracks the performance of the following digital currencies: Doge, BNB and MASK.

He combined the name of "Bluebird" with Twitter, and concluded that Binance Coin is likely to become one of the payment methods of the social networking tycoons recently acquired by Tesla's boss.

The first but very important change that Musk introduced on the website was that he required all authenticated account users to pay $8 a month to maintain the indication of their dark blue check mark.

Many people strongly protested this determination, including Stephen King, a famous American writer, and accused Musk of choosing Twitter not because of his "love of human nature and maintenance of free speech", but just to make money.

In addition, Musk has already laid off half of the employees of the enterprise, claiming that this is the only way to prevent Twitter from damaging millions of dollars every day.