Cardano Founder on Musk, DOGE and Twitter: "If You're Crazy and Rich, You Can Make It Work"

Nov 02,2022
Cardano Founder on Musk, DOGE and Twitter:
  • Part of the breakthrough of DOGE
  • Cardano's recent technical achievements
  • Hoskinson on Twitter, DOGE and Elon Musk

John Woods, the former engineering and construction director of Cardano and the current technical director of Algeland, felt that if Elon Musk integrated Dogecoin into Twitter, it would be "a real humiliation". Obviously, in his view, the local coins of Cardano and Algeland were the best choice.

Part of the breakthrough of DOGE

Woods clarified the facts in the article published on Friday by Cardano and IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson, saying that because Elon Musk now has Twitter in his hands, Dogecoin may actually cooperate with the website in some way.

Woods indicated on Twitter that taking into full consideration that Cardano and Algorand franchise stores have improved many engineering projects and innovations, which would be a "real humiliation", which mostly implied that DOGE had not seen much reform and innovation in its more than 10 years of history.

Cardano's recent technical achievements

It is worth reminding everyone that in the autumn of this year, Cardano has already implemented two long estimated updates - Alonzo, who generated blockchain smart contracts for the Internet, and Vasil, who was delayed from June due to important technical difficulties. Vasil hard branching was implemented shortly after the merger of Etherum, which transferred the second largest blockchain to the stock certification track, reducing its energy consumption.

Because Plutus 2.0, the latest version of the computer language dedicated to Cardano customization, Vasil makes Cardano more efficient and cost-effective.

Hoskinson on Twitter, DOGE and Elon Musk

The founder and CEO of Cardano replied to Woods' article, complaining that Pontiac might be integrated into Twitter rather than ADA or Algo. Hoskinson provided a version number to answer why Elon Elon Mask did this: he paid $44 billion to purchase Twitter, and may later integrate DOGE.

Hoskinson compares this to building an engineering building in an area where people especially like the scenery. No matter how many obstacles they encounter - "frightening soil layers, snake problems, noisy roads, floods", they will also build.

Even so, Hoskinson indicated in a comment on Gentwitter that Pontiac should be a main chain of Cardano in his opinion. He pointed out that he would provide transfer and even add blockchain smart contracts to DOGE.