Cardano's Hoskinson on LUNA, CSPR, CEL and His Affiliation with Them

Oct 24,2022
Cardano's Hoskinson on LUNA, CSPR, CEL and His Affiliation with Them

In the recent Twitter, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and well-known blockchain developer, revealed the best side of the bear market in the stock market in his opinion. In the view of the founders of Cardano, this is also the evolution of the ultimate way of Charles Derangement Syndrome. In a distorted way, Hoskinson refers to a syndrome that does not like something or some people very much and does not like other things, which deeply attracts its haters.

According to the views of blockchain developers and encryption entrepreneurs, the hatred of him on the social platform has reached a level, just as he created an alliance formed by the groups of Celsius, Luna and Casper. The three cryptocurrencies mentioned by Hoskinson are all well-known unsuccessful new projects. LUNA and CEL failed completely, washing away the assets of billions of investors, while CSPR has recently regained its charm and quickly regained its trend.

There are also satisfactory people

Although some people in the encrypted streets especially hate Charles Hoskinson and Cardano, some people are very happy to see the active development trend in the ecosystem, even in the current encrypted winter. Ben Gozel, a famous scientist and artificial intelligence expert, is such a fanatic.

Although the ADA price has dropped by 20% in the past two weeks, Goertzel is not at a loss. Instead, he is satisfied that Cardano is not an investment and financing, but a rapidly developing software framework.