North Korea Targeting Japanese Crypto Exchanges

Oct 20,2022
North Korea Targeting Japanese Crypto Exchanges

According to the Japanese News, which introduced information provided by the National Public Security Bureau, several Japanese national trading centers were attacked by hackers from the notorious Lazarus subsidiary, which is believed to be immediately manipulated by the Korean government.

Employees of the affected company were cheated to open the phishing attack email uploaded by hackers. His computer was finally infected with a virus.

Through the research of the regional police officers and the NPA network fraud unit, Lazarus was determined to be the person behind the hacker incident.

For many years, North Korean hackers have been attacking Japanese enterprises.

NPA deliberately publicized all the key points of the latest wave of siege events to spread the concept of the masses.

It is reported that the new cryptocurrency unit in Southeast Asia has always been the main task of North Korean hackers.

After encountering a series of prohibitions, this authoritarian country used the stolen login password to provide financial support for its weapons and equipment program.

Lazarus solved some major hacker incidents in 2022, including Ronin robbery.

North Korean hackers often rely on the "sandstorm" cash mixer to launder money, which promotes the US government to prohibit the barrel rolling of cryptocurrencies.