OKB Prints Bullish Growth Amid Broader Market Rout

Dec 30,2022
OKB Prints Bullish Growth Amid Broader Market Rout

With the total market value of data encryption plunging 1.70% to $799.84 billion, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is facing a new bullish wave. In this slump, OKB, the digital currency of the OKX cryptocurrency exchange, maintained the extensibility of a relative rise.

The coin currently sells for $23.80, up 3.42% in the past 24 hours. By comparison, BTC (BTC) fell 1.28% over the same time frame, while ETH fell 2.04% to $16671.16 and $1196.87 respectively.

According to the ranking of market capitalization, with its high performance-to-price ratio at this stage, OKB has now been selected as the main alternative currency with better performance in the top 100 words. Although other digital currencies have declined somewhat in the past week, OKB has maintained a relative upward trend during this period. The coin has risen 5.04% so far this week.

As the symbolic digital currency of the OKX ecosystem, OKB is also hit by the harsh winter of login passwords. However, compared with other ecosystem-strong alternative currencies, it has a relatively low rate of decline. For example, according to CoinGecko, Polkadot (DOT) has plummeted 86% in the past year, while OKB has lost only 22.1%.

OKX clarity benefits

As a cryptocurrency exchange, OKX has been threatened by the bankruptcy of the FTX derivatives exchange; but it has been able to manage its own community well.

As the Associated Press revealed, there was a problem with the exchange's withdrawal earlier this month, but all concerns were allayed by a quick and detailed description of the cause of the hiccups. Over time, the resolution of OKX and streets is likely to lay a solid foundation for the continuous proactive performance of OKB dynamic passwords, which is indicated on the watch list of more than 70, 000 buyers.