Pi Network Supporter Differentiates Between Coins and Tokens

Jan 06,2023
Pi Network Supporter Differentiates Between Coins and Tokens
  • Baron Chymaker explained that Pi is a coin and not a token.
  • Pi Network was built in 2018, and even the pioneers may be yet to understand fully how the network works.
  • PI can be mined or acquired from the pioneers who have already mined the coin.

Baron Chymaker, a supporter of Pi Network, has stated the difference between coins and tokens. According to Chymaker, coins refer to cryptos with their own blockchain network, while tokens describe cryptos that run on other blockchain networks.

Chymaker’s explanation is part of a Twitter thread where he educated his followers on the nature of the Pi Network. He noted that the information passed in the thread was relevant for both the pioneers and the non-pioneers of the network, the majority of whom are yet to understand how PI coin works.

In the thread, he compared PI to coins like BTC and ETH, since they all serve as native currencies to their primary blockchains. In contrast, he noted that cryptos like hi and Solana are tokens because they are built to run on secondary blockchains.