Raoul Pal Expects Ethereum to Greatly Outperform Bitcoin

Nov 01,2022
Raoul Pal Expects Ethereum to Greatly Outperform Bitcoin

Raoul ParrThe co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, according to a recently published article, still likes ETHTwitter.

In fact, in his opinion, the ETH/BTC ratio may be the "most bullish asset price data chart" at this stage

As of the time of submission, the transaction price of Ethereum was 0.077 BTC, aiming to stay green for the third day

ETH/BTC reached the peak of 0.085 BTC on September 8. However, before hyping up the "joint venture" update, it fell by more than 12% and finally became a "news report on sales"

In December last year, Ethereum reached a peak of 0.088 BTC after the recent bull market completely ended

It is noteworthy that the ETH/BTC pair is still 50% lower than the historical peak of 0.156 achieved in June 2017

Parr's price forecast should suffer great confusion. In September last year, he pointed out that the price of Ether would reach 20000 US dollars by the end of the year. In November, heDoubleAfter the Ethereum price reached the highest point in the previous cycle, he sent a bullish data signal

The current trading price of Ethereum on the Binance Exchange is US $1591, down 67.36% from the historical peak

BTC has recently successfully recovered to the level of US $20000. It now trades at $20575 on the Binance Exchange.